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smotty   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 12:18am
L4Y Member
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all fraggers go to heaven..r.i.p. bro.
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skvlad01   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 12:08pm
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Quoting T-M-I-N-E

I can't believe this. Merl was in Weird just a few weeks ago.

It's difficult to believe.

yes i saw him there to. Ill miss that guy. Don't worry I have a felling that he will be fraging Minners in heaven
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NoClanFrank    Posted 4th Jan 2006 6:40am
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From TheBeast: R.I.P MerlinUSA.
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lsalex   Posted 5th Jan 2006 8:58am
L4Y Member
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Hv what you done will never be forgotten.
He was a good friend to alot of us and a helped alot of us here in rf.
Merlin was not malicious ,he was not hateful. All he wanted to do was have fun with friends.

<L-S>MerlinUSA was a loyal and dedicated member.Nomatter what you chaps think of our community or clan he was proof we had good members and nomatter the enemies spreading lies or ignoring him because he became LS he will always be remembered in our clan as a friend.
Every lie we protest ,Every attack we defend against we will remember you <L-S>MerlinUSA for believing in us .
I will say this Lost Souls will never forget him nomatter what others say here or anywhere we in his clan know he was a good guy.
We dedicated the future to you my friend all in your honorable name.

Even tho alot here hate the clan you belong and the friendS you loved I say this

VIVA Revolution

We will honor you my friend. No matter the hate we recieve here and elsewhere our goals will remain and your example will be the foundation we will grow upon.
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Sprok   Posted 6th Jan 2006 2:34am
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R.I.P MerlinUSA, we will remember you
ESTLunaTick   Posted 6th Jan 2006 9:57pm
L4Y Member
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Very sorry to hear this.
Ofcourse we all know that RF aint that big community so almost everyone knows everyone and we all can have fun from it.
But a loose of 1 RF player is like a lost of a pice of RF.
We will miss you.

renegademaster   Posted 8th Jan 2006 6:33am
L4Y Member
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I have to be honest i didnt really know the guy but i remember his name and remember him playing in servers, I taken the time to read all the post and although i dont know him i feel very bad and sad.

I cant imagine what the family going through I can only give my condolances, i shall make a topic also in my red faction clan new forums to show my respect but also to let those who may have known him aware of this terrible tradegy.

Rest In Peace MerlinUSA.
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dash232   Posted 8th Jan 2006 9:28pm
L4Y Member
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We had some good times in WRECKS maps. A good friend a great laugh.. Ill miss you mate. Goodnight Merl. RIP
/Veo   Posted 12th Jan 2006 11:56pm
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Just heard. That isnt right. 53 is only half way.....
a downloader   Posted 13th Jan 2006 12:27am
L4Y Member
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Quoting goober
you know, i think it would be a good memorial if we all here made a map together dedicazted to him. i think he would appriciate that.

if no one else wants to then i can just make it myself... but i thought it would be a better gesture if we all made it together.

yes so sad i didnt know him really i just seen him on a few servers on rf be4 i quit any way i still have the maping kit i would love to help on this map RIP he will not be missed
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LordJPoeX   Posted 13th Jan 2006 12:36am
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this is shocking news! i just heard it.. He was a pleasant man to play whit. and against aswell!

Merl - Rest In Peace
Hemingway   Posted 13th Jan 2006 3:41am
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I used to play with Merlin in the Cheers server, back in the day.
Have only seen him a few times since, but he was definetely one of my best RF friends.

Miss ya Merl, and best wishes to your family

Filip Alex   Posted 21st Jan 2006 5:23pm
L4Y Member
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I only saw him once in Microfaction 24/7.
R.I.P. MerlinUSA.

Now in romanian:
Sa-ti fie tarîna usoara, si RF-ul tot la fel de frumos.
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ElySioN   Posted 15th Apr 2006 2:09pm
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R.I.P. MerlinUSA.

My condolences are sent to your wife, children & family.

I'm sorry, I wish I could of gotten to know you better, beyond the game, beyond the Monitor, beyond the forums and all.
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