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Nurse   Posted 28th Dec 2005 2:23pm
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Goodbye Merlin USA,you'll be missed by all those who knew you.
Deepest sympathy to Karen and families.

aka: Nurse
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bigmarty   Posted 28th Dec 2005 2:25pm
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That news hurt me bad. Merl was one of the first players I came across in RF and he helped me learn the game. He had a great sense of humour and we had great banter. I came to know him well through RF and the joke mails he sent to me and It feels like I have lost a friend, thats pretty weird as I never even met the guy !. My thought go to his family.

Peace & Respect MerlinUSA

Martin Harrison AKA BigMarty
ENM   Posted 28th Dec 2005 2:48pm
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Damn this is such a shock Merl was just over a year older than me and we have joked about it in the past, I havent been in RF for sometime but his passing will leave a huge void in the game,
MerlinUSA you are in a place far better than this, my thoughts go to family and friends.
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CommanderViper   Posted 28th Dec 2005 3:01pm
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Met Merlin for the first time in the Weird Server back when the Weird Map Pack came out. I thought he was such a cool guy. Then he started showing up in Viper 3 a few months ago and it was good to be playing with him again. When he suddenly stopped playing I thought maybe he was just busy. To hear this is sad news indeed. Rest in peace MerlinUSA see you again soon my friend.

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Beatonator    Posted 28th Dec 2005 5:22pm
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Wow, this is a real shock he was always a larger than life character when ever i played him, we always had a chat and he always was extremely warm and friendly. I always looked forward to seeing him in a server. This is a terrible shame... My thoughts go out to the family, and thanks to his Wife for letting everyone know.

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sobe    Posted 28th Dec 2005 6:08pm
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I wish you the best my friend. A place already in our hearts you have made, and a place in heaven I am sure. May your soul prosper in a state of tranquility.

MerlinUSA was known to me late in the year of 2002. I met him in Weird Server, he was very lively and cheerful. As well as a good fragger. We had good times, and more good times. Now he must rest in peace.... Good-bye my friend, and may your family be well.
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Pimmetje   Posted 28th Dec 2005 9:22pm
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I'm shocked We where the old farts in RF. I'm gonne mis you Chris we did had so much fun on the Weird Servers Rest In Peace my FRIEND. My thoughts go out to his family and friends
DVL_IAC   Posted 28th Dec 2005 9:31pm
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WOW I used to play him all the time when I used to play in Wierd server. He was a cool guy. He will be greatly missed.
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RED_JUSTICE   Posted 29th Dec 2005 1:11am
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Quoting Foe
Sorry to hear that. Merl was always a welcome addition to Hooaah, anytime he came to play.

Good people are hard to find in life. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Geeez, had no idea Foe was still around.....thi sis kinda like a real funeral where you see people you haven't seen in years.
Assaultman67    Posted 29th Dec 2005 2:15am
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i really didn't know the guy very well, but i do remember playing with him in the RF servers, a long time ago ... he seemed like a great guy.
Bartalon   Posted 29th Dec 2005 3:12am
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Very sad news indeed. Merlin was one of the oldest players. He was fun to play against
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Blazaholic   Posted 29th Dec 2005 4:14am
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Karen, I know how it feels to lose a loved one, as I lost my fiance and her daughter in October '04. I pray for you and your family to find peace.
Merlin always was one to greet me when I would join a server he was on. Good player and respectful. I didn't know him personaly, but I am sure he will be missed here as well as at home.

naraku KOTB   Posted 29th Dec 2005 4:23am
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Damn, I remeber playing with him in weird and he sent a buckshot to my face. He was a real great guy and fun to play with. It feels bad when u know you cant talk to the guy anymore
dankone   Posted 29th Dec 2005 4:41am
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tNS merl
ti will miss the sting of your sniper rifle to my dome

merlin would get the T
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Johnny_Suave   Posted 29th Dec 2005 6:43am
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CENSORED !!!!!!!!!!!!

This all seems completely wrong! People dying like this completely messes me up.... ARGH.

R.I.P. MerlinUSA.......
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