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seb93   Posted 28th Dec 2005 12:17am
L4Y Member
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me as I knew it in time as player on panjaland.
I send this pink to him to be able trensemeter my condolences...

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goober   Posted 28th Dec 2005 12:49am
L4Y Member
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Merl, this is for you:
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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RAT   Posted 28th Dec 2005 1:13am
L4Y Member
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Its funny how although you never meet the players in real life you feel you know them well. Merl was a long term rcon holder in my server and a good friend and will be sadly missed. Hope Lotsa makes a map dedicated to him. Condolences to the family...he had many friends in this game...even all the way over here in Australia. Rest in peace...RAT
goober   Posted 28th Dec 2005 1:19am
L4Y Member
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you know, i think it would be a good memorial if we all here made a map together dedicazted to him. i think he would appriciate that.

if no one else wants to then i can just make it myself... but i thought it would be a better gesture if we all made it together.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Fate   Posted 28th Dec 2005 4:07am
L4Y Member
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So very sad to hear this news Merl will be very very missed i will miss him much a map in his honor would be nice not sure my skills would be much of a good addition though
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 28th Dec 2005 4:17am
L4Y Member
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Very sad to here. my condolences go out to the family.

RIP Merl
Your Fugly and the Ugly Donkey Knows it    

dsgb7689   Posted 28th Dec 2005 5:09am
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Very sad indeed. I was shocked when I read the news on <L-S>'s forums. Merlin was always a great player - I'm sure he was just as good in person as he was in game.

May his Soul Truely Rest In Peace.

With much love and respect,
RED_JUSTICE   Posted 28th Dec 2005 5:17am
L4Y Member
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I've spent a great deal of my free hours the last 4 years playing with Merl and it struck me hard to see him die at such a young age.

I have an email he sent me just a few days before he died that I never bothered to respond to because the matter wasn't urgent and I thought I'd get around to it sooner or later.....there's a lesson there about how transitory life is.
lsalex   Posted 28th Dec 2005 6:28am
L4Y Member
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Chris was a honorable and dedicated Lost Souls clan member and a friend to many in the RF community.He was one of the coolest people I`ve met playing RF .He will be missed greatly but never forgotten.
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mrmitchell   Posted 28th Dec 2005 6:40am
L4Y Member
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I remember playing with Merlin a bit, he was a great guy
rest in peace merlinusa
AnArKi   Posted 28th Dec 2005 8:05am
L4Y Member
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MerlinUSA will be sadly missed,but remembered for the friendliness and laughs that he bought to the game. He truly was one of a kind.
Have fun in the big server in the sky!

The happiest of people don't necessarily
have the best of everything;they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.  
Ninja~   Posted 28th Dec 2005 10:59am
L4Y Member
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Never knew the poor guy.. but from the sounds of it he was a top bloke.
Tinkerbell   Posted 28th Dec 2005 12:07pm
L4Y Member
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What sad news

Merlin was always so lively and happy when he came in the Viper 3 server and played. He was a true sportsman If I ever saw one.

I miss miss him dearly.
merk   Posted 28th Dec 2005 1:11pm
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wow...this news is sad indeed

i didnt know MerlinUSA very well, but when i did play with him he was very skilled and very fun to be around

i had not played with him for ages, maybe not for about 3 or 4 months now

R.I.P to a great fellow gamer, i just wish we could of all had one last GG

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HoOcHiE420420   Posted 28th Dec 2005 1:42pm
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Really sad news.

Awesome chap, introduced me to RF, always friendly and with good sense of humour.

RIP Chris aka MerlinUSA sad.gif

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