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Trump   Posted 27th Dec 2005 10:01pm
Retired MCPO
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I received this sad news today in an email today from MerlinUSA's wife, Karen. "

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you know that Chris Stoppelbein AKA MerlinUSA (Merl) passed away on Dec. 12, 2005 from a heart attack. I know he thoroughly enjoyed gaming with you all. And I would like to thank you all for your friendship and comradery.

Karen Stoppelbein (Mrs. Merl)"

I know that many of you knew Merlin (Chris) over the last couple of years from playing RF and he will be missed.
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D2k   Posted 27th Dec 2005 10:44pm
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oh no...

Very sad news... He used to frequent hooaah back in the day, he was a great guy. Least we can thank karen for letting us know rather than not know what happened at all.
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KERPAL   Posted 27th Dec 2005 10:46pm
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I remember playing many games with him on the panjaland server and it was great fun. He will be forever missed and his soul will be in our hearts forever.
Trump   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:00pm
Retired MCPO
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Here's the info from Merlin's obit.

Chris Stoppelbein, 53,technician

Chris Stoppelbein, 53, of Webster, died on Monday, Dec. 12, 2005 in Dade City. Born in Jacksonville, he moved here from Lake Panasoffkee 20 years ago. He was an electronics technician, building and repairing computers. Survivors include his wife, Karen K.; daughter, Jessie Opal Stoppelbein; son, Keiter Bearden of Atlanta, Ga.; sisters, Eleanor Young of Keystone Heights, Fla., and Kathy Osborne of Jacksonville; brother, Milton “Fritz” Stoppelbein of Keystone Heights; father, Milton “Fritz” Stoppelbein, Sr. of Keystone Heights. He was preceded in death by his mother, Dorothy Stoppelbein. Purcell Funeral Home, Bushnell, provided information.
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goober   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:01pm
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awww, he was one of the most fun people i ever played with.. its a very sad loss indeed. well i wish his family the best in morning his death. and i know how you must feel. im sorry about the trajic loss.
he was always great on panjaland, most of all he was one of the only people that was nice to everyone that came no matter if they were nice of jerks... Merl, you will be missed.
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Lace    Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:03pm
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Merl was one of the nicest persons I ever met, and he will not be forgotten.
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StuPidaso   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:11pm
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Merl was one of my favorite RFers, and one of the reasons I still play. He will be missed greatly.
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RF Grim Reaper   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:11pm
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Very sad to hear, he was always great fun to play with and chat to. He'll be sorely missed.
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Ranswer3   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:29pm
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Man i can't believe this! We joked around alot, he was family!

Gonna miss you merl gg's!
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NoClanFrank    Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:35pm
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Man I had not seen him in a long time but he was always fun to play with and against. When I saw the thread title, I thought that maybe he was starting a thread saying that he was back to play Red Faction.
MerlinUSA will be missed by me, if not by the whole community of players that played with him in Red Faction.
I know he use to brag about him being the oldest Red Faction playing out there, I never realized that he might of being telling the truth. This goes to show you that when people get together online and play games, there is no age, race, color or religion involve. If only the world was this way too.
To the family members, don't worry, he is at a better place. It's just too bad that he had to be taken away at such a young age.
GOOD BYE MerlinUSA, Chris Stoppelbein.
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Nitro   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:40pm
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I've spent many hours playing with Merlin over the years. He was always a great guy to talk to and fun to play with. Very sad news and he will be missed by all
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REDS   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:54pm
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Man what a bummer i always liked when he would come on to panjaland. He was a nice guy and will be missed.
Hapa Hanu   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:55pm
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Please extend and share our thoughts and prayers with Karen.

We offer hope and comfort in the midst of tragedy.

Jesse R. Wood
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 Foe   Posted 27th Dec 2005 11:58pm
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Sorry to hear that. Merl was always a welcome addition to Hooaah, anytime he came to play.

Good people are hard to find in life. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
mad_ferrit   Posted 28th Dec 2005 12:03am
L4Y Member
Post 1116 / 1510

Oh dear that is just terrible news... Merlin was one of the most amicable players I have ever encountered on RF, and probably one of the first I can remember playing against.

Please pass on my condolences to his family

Rest in Peace Merl
T-M-I-N-E   Posted 28th Dec 2005 12:17am
L4Y Member
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I can't believe this. Merl was in Weird just a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen him in ages. It was good to catch up with him as always.

I saw this topic title before I checked my mail and thought the same as Frank, that it was just Merl saying he'd be around more.

It's difficult to believe.
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