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darkman042   Posted 30th Jan 2018 1:18am
L4Y Member
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This is what it has all come to. I miss you guys.

If years from now the picture is gone, here is a description. It is Homer Simpson at the podium of the Stonecutters' Lodge surrounded by monkeys (ie all the people are gone).
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naraku KOTB   Posted 7th Aug 2018 8:35pm
L4Y Member
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So much nostalgia when i visit this famn site. Hope everyone's doing well.
sobe    Posted 22nd Nov 2018 5:47pm
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Still hanging in there
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blinded2   Posted 25th Sep 2019 8:01pm
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Man, I sure miss this place and mapping for Red Faction.
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StuPidaso   Posted 28th Sep 2019 5:03pm
L4Y Member
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Blinded2...those of us that still play would be more than happy to run any new maps you wanted to make. Blunder recently (this past year) has made several dozen great maps which are played on the RF server.
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Nurse   Posted 11th May 2020 1:09pm
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I play daily in the server. Hi Stu Pidaso!!!!
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StuPidaso   Posted 26th Jul 2020 6:37pm
L4Y Member
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Yes, I see Nurse most evenings (US, morning in AU). She teases us all into submission.
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goober   Posted 19th Aug 2020 3:48am
L4Y Member
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Frankly I'm amazed my account still works

In any event, for anyone reading this, has been up and serving the Red Faction community since 2009. We have the vast majority of the files that were on L4Y.

Furthermore, the Red Faction community has been more active this last year than it has been in a LONG time thanks to the Red Faction Community Discord. The vast majority of the community is already there but everyone - every Red Faction fan on the planet - is invited to join. We've also been running RF Game Night events every 2 weeks for almost a year now, and always get a sizable crowd of players.

You can join the community Discord by clicking here:

PS. I'd encourage anyone who has questions about or is having issues running Red Faction to check the RF Help portal here:
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