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Killer01   Posted 11th Oct 2005 6:43am
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Greets, After reading the PC Powerplay Magazines feature on the worst games of all time im interseted to see what you think the worst games of all time are.
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HitPerson   Posted 11th Dec 2005 4:05am
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Worst Games ever eh? Off the top of my head I will say (in no particular order)...
- True Crime: Streets of LA
- Super Godzilla
- Halo 2 (not so much a bad game as it was a stellar disapointment)
- Hexen 2
- Devil May Cry 2 (same boat as Halo 2)
- Blue Stinger
- Carrier
- Fighter's Destiny
- Timekillers
... and the list goes on.
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 11th Dec 2005 4:11am
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Post 399 / 719

Driv3r... nuff said
LordSeafood   Posted 11th Dec 2005 6:10am
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Post 619 / 1792

Quoting SKA-Diesel
Driv3r... nuff said


Simpsons Road Rage
True Crimes: Streets of LA
cant really think of anymore atm ... (I think of myself as well informed and try to steer clear of games that are crap, those 3 are games that i have played and stand out as terrible)
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The_Doc   Posted 11th Dec 2005 6:57am
Stargate Worlds
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True Crime IMO was a great game. The new one (New York) is good, except for some bugs.

Worst Games
The Italian Job (don't ask)
SW: Obi-Wan
MotoGP (all of them)
Lego: Adventure Island

Add some more later

Oh yea.... Barbies great adventure
D2k   Posted 11th Dec 2005 7:00am
L4Y Member
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pariah was lame as well.

halo2 wasnt bad, infact it ruled. your just a boring person.

my addition to the list is "Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue"
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sobe    Posted 11th Dec 2005 7:37am
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Worst game ever eh.

Don't have one that hasn't already been said!
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Assaultman67    Posted 11th Dec 2005 8:31am
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Biggest disappointment of all time: Red Faction II ... no multiplayer, or programs to change it, and very little Geo mod. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. I was so bummed.

list of bad games in order of worst to not as bad:

1)Math Racer, a game on a apple II but i do hold the record, since it was the first time it was started up in 10 years and was played by kids who were 7.
2)Spell It Deluxe.
3)tiger woods PGA Golf
4)oregon trail ... the origonal on apple II.

theres more just can't think of them right now.
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Ender   Posted 11th Dec 2005 9:55am
L4Y Member
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Halo it was as fun as a sneeze in a space suit
General_187   Posted 11th Dec 2005 12:58pm
L4Y Member
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Worst game ever eh? This one is undisputed!


Why would they even make stupid Games about stupid Rappers?!?!?!?!
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JimmyCognitti   Posted 11th Dec 2005 1:22pm
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Post 50 / 400

Those are the WORST games that I've played:

- Beach Head 2000
- Beach Head 2002
- Raising Dead
- Daikatana
- Soldier of Fortune 2
- Die Hard:Nakatomi Plaza
- Gunman Chronicles
- Halo
- Halo 2
- Red Faction 2
- From Dusk till' Down, those games really suck (and there are more...).

See Ya
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 11th Dec 2005 3:31pm
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Quoting jimicog
Gunman Chronicles

That actually started off as a Half Life mod, and then they got funding from a developer and was released.
Mostertman    Posted 11th Dec 2005 4:51pm
Post 843 / 2820
LordSeafood   Posted 11th Dec 2005 5:56pm
L4Y Member
Post 625 / 1792

Quoting JimmyCognitti
- Soldier of Fortune 2
Single player on that was really terrible, Multi was very similar to CS and is quite fun IMO

LOL so many terrible games on one page ... urge. to. destroy. page.
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thorn   Posted 11th Dec 2005 6:19pm
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London Racer 2
Legend of Zleda 2: The Adventure of Link
Just about every flash game on the internet
Airport Inc.
Mall Tycoon (in fact, most management sims)
The Movies (major dissapointment, still fun but not as good as the hype)
more that I can't remeber.
Garner    Posted 11th Dec 2005 11:37pm
Post 1814 / 4125
Deer Hunter. All of them.

Not that I've played any but my god you've got to be one sad person to play those games...
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