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mad_ferrit   Posted 12th Dec 2005 12:03am
L4Y Member
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Quake 4
SkipRat    Posted 12th Dec 2005 12:14am
Post 1103 / 3024
turok or something. on the xbox.

Theres a multiplayer character you play as that doesnt do anything.

you cant pick up guns or attack.

2 player split screen against a person that cant attack. ALL IT DOES IS JUMP, doh, and the single player game is complete CENSORED .

Also london racer.
Black hawk down on xbox.
Sir_Bob   Posted 12th Dec 2005 12:36am
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Gun Warrior was by far the worst game I've ever seen, followed by Dark Vampire.
D2k   Posted 12th Dec 2005 12:46am
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Quoting Garner
Deer Hunter. All of them.

Not that I've played any but my god you've got to be one sad person to play those games...

my uncle loves those games. lol

(he goes hunting alot and isnt really into the new technology age)
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Bjossi   Posted 12th Dec 2005 9:01pm
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I like Hexen 2 and Gunman Chronicles, the graphics may not be good, but the gameplay was better than many games today.
mad_ferrit   Posted 12th Dec 2005 9:09pm
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Post 1072 / 1510

Quoting Bjossi
I like Hexen 2 and Gunman Chronicles, the graphics may not be good, but the gameplay was better than many games today.

Care to re-read the title of this thread???

Mostertman    Posted 12th Dec 2005 10:31pm
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I did found the worst game to play on a sunday morning, with a hangover

Turn up your volume really loud,

and try to get trough the first level without going mad
cyrus5   Posted 12th Dec 2005 10:45pm
[CP] Director
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Quoting General_187
Worst game ever eh? This one is undisputed!


Why would they even make stupid Games about stupid Rappers?!?!?!?!

If you play 50Cent's game,

You're gonna have a bad time....

If you play dear hunter,

You're gonna have a bad time....

but would "50 Cent Hunter - Postal Edition" be bad as well?

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..Gonna have a goood time Bwhahhahaaaa!!!!

And they say games will turn us all into desensitised brain dead sicko's..
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The_Doc   Posted 13th Dec 2005 12:22am
Stargate Worlds
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Post 433 / 962

Just thought of another... RF j/k

But Gran Turismo was a crap racer and so are most racers. Except games like Burnout.
tagmaster   Posted 13th Dec 2005 7:32am
L4Y Member
Post 167 / 232

I once played a game called IGI II, the first was ok, but the second one was just pure sh***!
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Assaultman67    Posted 13th Dec 2005 9:18am
Post 567 / 4376
General, i played your worst game ... its bad , i suck at it too.
Ranswer3   Posted 13th Dec 2005 10:53am
L4Y Member
Post 178 / 249

These are the worst games that i own/played.

State Of Emergency
Tactical Ops Assault On Terror
Vietnam Black Ops
Global Operations
Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza
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Terminator20   Posted 13th Dec 2005 3:12pm
L4Y Member
Post 53 / 137

Anyone ever play G-Police for the Play-Station 1

That was the worst game of all time for me!

Second worst game of all time might have to be Blast Corp for the Nintendo 64
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GTD-Carthage   Posted 13th Dec 2005 4:19pm
L4Y Member
Post 287 / 407

Worst games for me?

*Ground Control 2
*World War 3: War Against Terrorism (anonymous game but it damned sucked)
*Ragnarok Online (there were personal matters that made it a bad game for me...)
*MINESWEEPER!!! (!! !!)

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LordSeafood   Posted 13th Dec 2005 6:19pm
L4Y Member
Post 629 / 1792

Quoting GTD-Carthage
*MINESWEEPER!!! (!! !!)

OMG Minesweeper PWNS
Its one of those simple quick games that you can waste 10 mins on

I thought of a couple more shockers though
The Army Men Series
Terminator 3
P.S. Still Alive.    
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