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modmaker91   Posted 26th Jan 2006 3:43pm
L4Y Member
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Yeah, nintendo made great games, when I was FREAKING THREE YEARS OLD. So now you call Zelda and Mario non-kiddy games? In one you walk around with a slingshot, the other you throw banana's at other racers on a freakin go-cart. I'm surprised they got anything above an Early Childhood rating....

Anything that they have only for nintendo anyway...
RE4 wasn't too bad, but it's also out for the PS2, with more stuff.

So saying Nintendo is better is a pretty good clue that you are a braindead three year old banana stuffing monkey
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The_Doc   Posted 26th Jan 2006 4:25pm
Stargate Worlds
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Ok, i'm going to try and say my opionion without trying to poke your eyes you with a rusty spoon

Nintendo games arn't all for kids. The thing that Nintendo were trying to do with Zelda is sort of live the life of Link as a child and then an adult. As a kid, you cannot lift a massive sword (unless your are Arnold S. ) And Mario Kart & other Mario games are.. GREAT! I personally like them and i expect there will be other people that agree with me, espically on Mario Kart. It's a driving game that has fun in it. I want a driving game to have weapons/items to use against my oponents, so that i win!!

Do you actually own a Gamecube/N64 and played nealry all of the games on each? Don't start talking about how crap something is, before you actually played it!

Arguement over!
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HitPerson   Posted 26th Jan 2006 4:32pm
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Post 64 / 379

So what's wrong with Nintendo making "kiddy" games. I have already made it clear how much I love violence in video games (Manhunt, anyone?), but I would choose to play mario kart or any of the Zelda games over Grand theft Auto any day.

Besides, why is it KIDS always feel they have to bash these games for being "kiddy?"

Sorry modmaker91, but playing GTA, Counter-strike or whatever "hardcore-violent-Grownup" games you may play doesn't help grow big-boy hair any quicker than playing Mario world.
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modmaker91   Posted 26th Jan 2006 5:00pm
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Actually my little sister has a gamecube, and I have played over 50 N 64 games, and they all have a trend. All of them that are nintendo exclusives are for kids. That is the main reason my eight year old little sister has one.

Oh btw hitperson do you even know me at all?

I consider anything with mushsroom people and princesses kiddy. Also games that deserve an E/C rating.
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HitPerson   Posted 26th Jan 2006 5:06pm
L4Y Member
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Taken from the thread "C or C++"

"If I were to make a game, it would be a free roaming 1'st person shooter based within a city, has an editor close to RED, mabeye a tool to make weapons as well. Also playable through lan because I don't have the spare cash to run a big server at age 14..."

14 = still a kid.

Also, Goldeneye and Turok 1-3 were N64 exclusives (Turok 2 later went to PC), so were they for kids as well?
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133   Posted 27th Jan 2006 6:53am
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Do any of us really need to get personal over our own personal tastes in video games? How about liking games because they're good games, as opposed to their violence content (I'm up for some Manhunt myself) or the fact that it has an E/C rating (if they're challenging, any Mario game is great).

Back on subject, Jet Set Radio Future sucks, just plain confusing.

HitPerson   Posted 27th Jan 2006 6:06pm
L4Y Member
Post 67 / 379

I second that notion (both of them).
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KillAllHumans   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 4:42am
L4Y Member
Post 78 / 165

me to
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Josh 'IonizedMonkey'  
Duke    Posted 2nd Feb 2006 5:50am
Post 442 / 1353
I agree that Pariah is a terrible game.

To me, it feels more like a UT2004 TC mod than a stand-alone title.
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KillAllHumans   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 5:52am
L4Y Member
Post 80 / 165

OMFG i rented that out. IT SUUUUUUUUUCKED SOOOOOOO BAD. it took me a minute to kill a guy cause the gun i was using was soooo badly made it couldnt hit CENSORED
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Josh 'IonizedMonkey'  
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 5th Feb 2006 2:35am
L4Y Member
Post 255 / 1251

Pariah was a crappy game indeed. I played the demo and the healing ability may be kinda cool but the weapons suked.

Other games that sucked.....

-Driv3r (I had high expectations for this game)
-Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 (the original was waaay better)
-StarFox for the GC (disgrace to the N64's Starfox)
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DarkCause   Posted 5th Feb 2006 1:07pm
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Post 118 / 162

havent played one i ever enjoyed longer then 1 month... then again somehow i played Runescape for 5 yrs yet i recently gave up on it and there were many other games i tryed to enjoy then again ppl complain everywhere i cant get alone with other ppl in games since i only play multiplayer games online
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KillAllHumans   Posted 6th Feb 2006 3:17am
L4Y Member
Post 119 / 165

god Driv3r was a huge let down. i pretty much JUSt did free roam and killed ppl then ran away from the cops on my bike
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Josh 'IonizedMonkey'  
HitPerson   Posted 13th Feb 2006 8:21pm
L4Y Member
Post 92 / 379

A new addition to the list would have to be Need for Speed Most Wanted for the Xbox 360. For a game with SPEED in the title, the cars feel like they are going 30 mph.
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redfac18   Posted 14th Feb 2006 2:46am
L4Y Member
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Quoting HitPerson
Halo 2

finally someone agrees with me

Halo 1 had the better SP imo, and had a more balanced MP.

on topic

Any game published by THQ except for RF.
Quake 4
and yes Halo2 (not horrible, it just didn't meet up to halo1 to me.
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