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Xolair   Posted 12th Apr 2006 6:49pm
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I dunno, Soldier of Fortune 2 was indeed quite the dissappointment. SOF1
was, on the other hand, a damn awesome game with lot of variation with
the environments etc. and the almostphere was great. With SOF2, it was
all gone. It sucked, honestly. Plus... it lagged like hell on my
P3 500 mhz.    
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 13th Apr 2006 5:11am
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CS isnt that horrible......

SOF 2 on the other hand had an interesting game engine.

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Duke    Posted 13th Apr 2006 9:53am
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Quoting nod113
6.Alien 3 for SNES
5.SW Galactic battlegrounds good idea but age of empires engine?
3.Air Buccaneers
2.Armored core

10. I agree.
9. WHAT?!? Katamari is such a cool game!
7. PC Chess I agree. Actual chess I disagree.
6. Never heard of it.
5. See 6.
4. WHAT?!? Worms is really good. Psychotic invertebrates with guns. What's not to love?
3. I kind of agree.
2. WHAT?!? I adore Armored Core! I bought out the shop in AC3.
1. See 6.
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Assaultman67    Posted 13th Apr 2006 3:26pm
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Quoting redfac18
Age of Empires 3 was a dissapointment, if you dont have an ubercomputer with ultra high specs, you can't see the best graphics in the game, this game had some cool new features but didn't quite measure up to the first Age of Empires and the second. The SP didn't really draw me in, and I kept wondering, "When is this game gonna end?" Its one of those games where the creators tried so hard for the best graphics and sound that they forgot gameplay and quality. I guess it could be fun online, I don't know, I havent tried it. I heard also that ESO2 was very buggy. Not a bad or horrible game, it just didn't meet the level of fun that the other Age series games have.

yeah, i noticed it seemed a little slow ... kind of a dissap[ointment to me too. I don't like how the houses don't snap to the map gridstyle anymore . i don't like the houses and buildings being not perfectly lined up ...
redfac18   Posted 14th Apr 2006 8:18pm
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Quoting nod113

Now your list is correct, Halo 1 was great, up there with HL and Doom 1 and Goldeneye 007, now Halo 2 is a load of CENSORED .
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HitPerson   Posted 21st Apr 2006 6:35pm
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Looking into my crystal ball I see another terrible game on the horizon:

Paris Hilton's own mobile game (

Who honestly believes that people are going to play these games? Hopefully the companies behind this and the Desperate Housewives game will suffer enough financial loss (big name liscensing + low sales numbers) they will slip into oblivion and stop insulting gamers with this garbage.
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