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Assaultman67    Posted 25th May 2006 11:31pm
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Ok Hapa, i completely understand why you take pride in your job ... building stuff is awesome ... i love the feeling when you make two parts that fit together just right (not that i get it wrong all the time ).

but WTH is electro-discharge machining ... that sounds like a long word for plasma torch or arch welder. .

Well im into car electronics and PC's Filip ... i had to resolider the back of my freakin cluster guage the other day because the manufacturer did a half arse job on it . I was just curious about what stuff you work on ...
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Killer01   Posted 26th May 2006 3:22am
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Greets, im studying to get my MCPS and A+ computer certification
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GTA   Posted 26th May 2006 3:48am
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I have a general knowledge of gunsmithing.
Hapa Hanu   Posted 26th May 2006 9:55am
Mac Maniac
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Quoting Assaultman67
but WTH is electro-discharge machining ... that sounds like a long word for plasma torch or arch welder. .

I completely neglected to make a reference to the craft I excel in... Wire EDM .

Perhaps this article may cover some of the rudimentary details.
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vibes   Posted 27th May 2006 8:50pm
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Well I finished my Diploma in Electronic Engineereing approx 15 years ago and never used it since I honestly can say I can not remember a thing >time to get out the old text books and maybe buy some new one's    
Assman15    Posted 28th May 2006 4:02am
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Quoting Vocea
Now -that- has a use!

Hmm... I hope you don't live anywhere near me; and don't ask, I won't tell you where I live.
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Assaultman67    Posted 28th May 2006 5:20am
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Quoting GTA
I have a general knowledge of gunsmithing.

i don't but i try anyway ... now THAT is scary .

It wasn't really gunsmithing, i made some cheap pneumatic rifles that fired marbles for ammo ... its amazing what you can do with pluming parts and Pop bottles ... but seriously don't try it, i was young and not really stupid ... but lacking common sense .
goober   Posted 28th May 2006 2:13pm
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Still are... you still are
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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