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vibes   Posted 21st May 2006 5:02pm
L4Y Member
Post 63 / 552

Ok bored again and just thinking about getting thinks on the cheap . So what better way than to ask what every1 does for a living in our wonderfull community and what if anything they can offer to its members.

I for one am an Electrician so if any1 has any questions about electrics PM me or if you live in the Cheshire or North Wales part of the UK and want your house re-wired on the cheap just ask >here's hoping some1 works for AlienWare <    
goober   Posted 21st May 2006 6:30pm
L4Y Member
Post 2795 / 265

With what to do with yours...

Im 13 years old, so i dont really have a "trade" as such... i can model and animate fairly good in Maya though.
I can also code fairly well in Vi.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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KERPAL   Posted 21st May 2006 6:48pm
L4Y Member
Post 385 / 1353

well what I do for a living? well I play video games...a lot.
Ender   Posted 21st May 2006 7:40pm
L4Y Member
Post 29 / 268

My job is a Slacker
Ghostkid   Posted 21st May 2006 8:16pm
Invisible Kid
L4Y Member
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Eating and sleeping: story of my life
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Xfire: Ghostkid1  
SkipRat    Posted 21st May 2006 8:45pm
Post 1530 / 3024
Well i done a few things... worked in a computer warehouse. Was a supervisor in some crappy supermarket.

Now im doing the same kinda crap in a slightly better but still CENSORED supermarket.

And yeah if anyone lives in essex and wants some drugs
Assman15    Posted 21st May 2006 9:32pm
Post 93 / 2085
Well, I'm only 17 years old, so I can't offer much. I am, however, a Microsoft Certified Professional; I know Windows XP like the back of my hand. I know a little bit about hardware and Windows Server 2003.. That's about it.
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modmaker91   Posted 22nd May 2006 3:59am
L4Y Member
Post 295 / 407

I'm 14 years old and I chop & stack wood for my neighbor.

If anyone lives in the middle of nowhere, I might be able to chop wood for you.
Let those who don't understand me, fear me. Let those who understand me, fear themselves.    
General_187   Posted 22nd May 2006 4:26am
L4Y Member
Post 477 / 496

I work at blockbuster And know a bit about cars and computers... anybody want an Opinion on a movie, car, comp.. PM me..
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KERPAL   Posted 22nd May 2006 6:57am
L4Y Member
Post 386 / 1353

Ok I was just kidding about what I said above I actually do have a job with my dad in heating and cooling and if you want to know my age then PM me.
goober   Posted 22nd May 2006 1:55pm
L4Y Member
Post 2801 / 265

we have modmaker who is 14, me who am 13, general who is 18 (i think), skiprat who is like 22... why wont you say how old you are
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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SkipRat    Posted 22nd May 2006 2:51pm
Post 1527 / 3024
HEY!!! im only 20
cyrus5   Posted 22nd May 2006 4:23pm
[CP] Director
L4Y Member
Post 168 / 241

Quoting modmaker91
I'm 14 years old and I chop & stack wood for my neighbor.

If anyone lives in the middle of nowhere, I might be able to chop wood for you.

If a wood chuck would chuck; and if a wood chuck could chuck; How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Sorry, been playing monkey island! couldnt resist!

I love chopping wood, I miss having an open fire. Not sure my mum trusted me with an axe. I'm a bit of a danger to myself at times.

Had fun with a sledge hammer whilst putting in a patio door at my mums place, i some how missed the wall span round with the thing then fell backwards over the knee high garden wall at the end of the patio into the flower bed...

Which is probably why being a computer programmer was a better choice of profession for me than my original choice of structural engineering!!

Hence if anyone needs help with maths, programming, anything 3d, technical drawing or misc acts of lunacy, you know who to call
Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
SkipRat    Posted 22nd May 2006 4:49pm
Post 1528 / 3024
wanna help me out with my site? i know you know your CENSORED man And theres a few things i want on my site but i cant get them working.
 Genxer    Posted 22nd May 2006 5:52pm
Post 439 / 1325
Currently working as a Network Engineer installing small - large networks and handling maintenance contracts for PC hardware /software support on site.

Certified in MCSE, MCSA, half way through CCNA moving on to CCNP
The_Doc   Posted 22nd May 2006 8:05pm
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
Post 693 / 962

I am a Cash Assistant at Tesco, along with Beatonator & Steve-O, but i'm only 18, so it alright for the moment.

Waiting for a reply from BT, to know if i can do a apprenticeship in Data & Networks.
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