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smotty   Posted 22nd May 2006 11:12pm
L4Y Member
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Im a crash test dummy
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LordSeafood   Posted 23rd May 2006 4:10am
L4Y Member
Post 1108 / 1792

Im a good motivator ... in other words im just lazy
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modmaker91   Posted 23rd May 2006 4:10am
L4Y Member
Post 298 / 407

I test new brands of microwaves. I use poodles, others use kittens. If the animal explodes, the microwave works!

I can keep dreaming...
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ergeben   Posted 23rd May 2006 7:07am
L4Y Member
Post 116 / 154

Im 15 and work as an all rounder at a crappy super market in Aus. Man i hate my job, we have to do CENSORED ty stocktake tonight I CENSORED HATE STOCKTAKE!
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KERPAL   Posted 23rd May 2006 7:14am
L4Y Member
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Quoting goober
we have modmaker who is 14, me who am 13, general who is 18 (i think), skiprat who is like 22... why wont you say how old you are

WHAT?!11! Are you insane?! I wouldn't post my age in a community that's full of child rapists and x-convicts, I mean I really don't want to get raped up the CENSORED dude. j/k I'm 15 in R.L. and this is a good community even if it is full of x-convicts and rapists like me who needs to get a life...and a girlfriend...I'm going to kill myself now. (j/k about that also)
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goober   Posted 23rd May 2006 10:16am
L4Y Member
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yea... how would your age make a differance..
if a rapist will come to your house, yes, but theres millions of other people in the world who are the same age as you...
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Equinox   Posted 23rd May 2006 11:28pm
L4Y Member
Post 431 / 468

I'm studying multimedia full time and I work at Subway (mmmmmmmmmm ) 10-15 hours a week. Ahh the students life. LOL
Assaultman67    Posted 24th May 2006 1:55am
Post 1169 / 4376
i do not have a steady job right now ... i do random stuff for people from fixing their crap to helping them with back breaking labor.

3 days ago i helped brand/casterate calves (NCF, will come along and chew me out with is "be humane to animals" lecture ), 4 days ago i mowed a yard , i am going to level a house porch tomorrow , in a week i plan on helping a freind install some custom parts on his scion ... you know, just random stuff.

But it pays good sometimes ... earned 200 bucks in a day once .

so if you're ever in my area ... just tell me what to do. (except anything nasty! you sick minded people out there )
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ElySioN   Posted 24th May 2006 5:40am
L4Y Member
Post 69 / 141

Besides fraggin' individuals in RF...I am of 18 years of age. Hispanic, going to attend college this Fall, just recently started working at a clothing store, A.J. Wright. I am also a great friend and hope to become a guide in my community and help children become tomorrow's leaders.:-)
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Filip Alex   Posted 24th May 2006 8:54am
L4Y Member
Post 79 / 89

Except making maps and mods, I can edit audio(medium) and image(average), rip and trim adlib music from old games and save them in RdosPlay RAW(almost medium), make music(total beginner),do electronics(beginner-average)and kill time(my best skill so far)
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skvlad01   Posted 24th May 2006 9:14am
L4Y Member
Post 339 / 614

im still at school but im working as auto sparky. hopefuly i get to work with them when i finish. yay last year at school.
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Assaultman67    Posted 25th May 2006 1:08am
Post 1172 / 4376
wow, im surprized that no-one said anything about my post earlier ... i was almost certain someone would have said something about it, oh well

hey Filip Alex, What kind of electronics do you work on? PCs or 12v car electronics or regular AC appliances?

That reminds me of that project i posted here earlier about installing a computer in my car ... i think i gave up .
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Hapa Hanu   Posted 25th May 2006 8:43am
Mac Maniac
L4Y Member
Post 236 / 1544

If folks did not know already; I languish through extensive night time hours in a machine shop. Manufacturing is not dead in America. I can do the work of three people when properly motivated. I work for GOD and country. It does not matter what company I work for or who my boss is. I will run my parts the way I see fit, irregardless of instructions from managers, supervisors, engineers and salespeople. My scrap rate has always been the lowest amoung my coworkers. (It irritates them - haha!)

If you think I am bragging, read the following testimonial:

My parts, for a variery of customers benign to dangerous, have saved lives and killed others. Titanium bone screws to fix spines, dies to form pacemaker shells. Artillery breech blocks, missle components. Remember the worlds first commercially available 1 GB hard drives from Maxtor way back in 1992? I and my crew made 3,000+ hard drive disk actuators a week out of aluminum-beryllium bar stock. My hands have shaped components now in orbit.

If anyone has a situation requiring Electro-Discharge Machining let me know and I can tell you if EDM is the best solution. Shaping steel and exotic alloys is my talent. Why? idk I would rather watch TV.
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Beatonator    Posted 25th May 2006 10:26am
Post 1495 / 3716
Quoting Equinox
I'm studying multimedia full time and I work at Subway (mmmmmmmmmm ) 10-15 hours a week. Ahh the students life. LOL

Haha, yeah man living the dream!

I am a full time student who works at a little supermarket store (Tesco Express for anyone in the UK), Me and my friend are looking to build websites for people just to get a little extra cash coming in, if anyone wants one from here I can probably do it extra extra cheap
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Filip Alex   Posted 25th May 2006 7:52pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting Assaultman67

hey Filip Alex, What kind of electronics do you work on? PCs or 12v car electronics or regular AC appliances?

"regular AC appliances"-haven't got there. I don't want my hair done by electrons yet LOL.
"PCs"-I did replace a capacitor on the board of an old PC but that's just about it.
"12v car electronics"-Haven't done that.
I work with battery powered appliances or simple multimedia devices(I mounted an improvised charger connector and an accumulator from a Telit to a portable AM\FM radio, repaired a few headphones and some other things). I can recognize parts from schematics(usually), but I don't know much about how they work together.
Since I'm only a 15 year old student and I can't work yet, electronics is only hobby for now. Next year(I hope that means the 10th class ) I'll be studying electronics.
Beating the box: free online lessons on how to cheat a lie detector.
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