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DG    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 12:02pm
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Quoting molodiets

Staff members, staff members, always staff members. You can pick on everybody else but not staff members. Grrr
what with simple users. They do as much as staff members, they do as much as Goober with less self-assertion.

Nowhere did I say that picking on other members IS okay. It's just that staff members have made this site to what it is today and they deserve a little respect for that.

And the assumption that regular members do as much as staff members is just ridiculous, perhaps only to the degree of posting more messages in these forums...
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ITCH   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 12:46pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting DG

First of all, ITCH, stop picking on goober. Do not try to make fun of any staff member again, or we'll kick your arse from this site.

If that's a threat?? ,If so.. Go for it! , is goober a man or a mouse? . come to think of it he is 13 years old ?, and has been a staff member for how long ? ... If this is the case he shouldn't have been posting on here , as I think I remember that Ur forum agreement has something about being 13 years of age or over. Correct me if I'm wrong? So that in itself Totally explains the reason why goober cant deal with a joke thrown at him because he purely is not mature enough to deal with it. And as Far as the Father being good or bad, I have a 6 year old son , and I let him play that Maze Game , OK he pooped himself the first time, but now he shows all his school mates and gets them every time. Yes he laughs about it, so does that make me a bad Father , I don't think so! the difference is that my 6 year old son has been brought up to deal with things in a manner that I was, which is if ya can give it ya gotta be able to take it!.....End Of Story!

P.S I think a lot of U ppl should grow up and cop it on the chin , That includes U to DG... at the end of the day look what Ive created here. This thread has more posts then the RFU , and most of it is utter spam , So lets all be big boys and girls and get on with it, BTW there is a life outside of this Forum!
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DG    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 1:30pm
Post 588 / 700
Yes ITCH, it is a threat, it spells behave or be gone.

I am not at all disturbed by your presence here and if you would just put a little effort in considering what you type and not try to offend anyone, things will all be fine.

Our forum agreement says nothing about being 13 or over. If you want to become a member of l4y, you need to be over 13 OR have parental consent. Again you take this oppurtunity to take a stab at goober, very low if you ask me.

If goober dislikes that there are somethings said on this forums about him that aren't true, respect that. Not everyone has the same kind of humour as you do, so try to take that into account before posting something.

I agree that people should become a bit more relaxed on this forum, a lot of fuss is made about the smallest of things, that can easily be discussed in a mature manner. Problem is that this forum is full of younger people, who do not always view it in that manner and things start escalating.

I for one am not at all fond of these kinds of situations and hope by making a strong and strict statement that I can bring them to an end.
Of course if you have another view on this, your opinion is always appreciated.
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SkipRat    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 1:47pm
Post 1312 / 3024
Heh why was my post just then delted when i was saying about people being more relaxed on this forum? you deleted me saying it then said it yourself

and. WHYS IT ONLY ME that ever gets posts deleted?

Am i still some kind of bad member? look at all the posts i make helping people out... all those get ignored by staff or something and im just seen as a "TU"

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NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 2:08pm
Post 2382 / 5840
Quoting ITCH
Anyway that's my say for the year.....

You say that is your say for the year but then you come back and post again.
The thing is, I know you dislike and maybe even hate goober and that in fact is the only reason why you used his name.
Now if you would have done it about me. I might have reacted the same way or not. Personally I don't really care what you think about anything. You aren't my friend and the way you act in these or "your" forums is pathetic.
You just like to stir up people, but that just might be the way your parents brought you up. So should I blame them? Are they lousy parents? Are you a lousy parent yourself and don't know it?
I don't know and like I said before. I DON'T CARE!

SkipRat I didn't see your post, so I know why it got deleted. Maybe it was easier to delete it than to edit it. Like I said, I don't get a chance to read it.
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SkipRat    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 2:11pm
Post 1313 / 3024
Its okay NCF im used to it man....

ExoStatic   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 4:08pm
L4Y Member
Post 751 / 875

It's all a damn joke. Goober you should stop taking things so seriously and see the funny side of it. That was my problem up until last year then I just laughed when someone took the mick out of me! And molo? What did I have to do with anything up there on page 3? I just read my name and I didn't know what I'd done/am said to have done.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 5:25pm
Post 2384 / 5840
ExoStatic, molodiets wasn't sure if it was you or not. he wasn't saying bad about you. I was a while ago and his memory isn't that good in his older age.

SkipRat, are you really use to it?
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SkipRat    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 5:36pm
Post 1318 / 3024
im used to your thousands of typos man yes

You gotta stop watching crap whilst posting on here man...
D2k   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 9:50pm
L4Y Member
Post 613 / 1923

Well, that kid is scarred for life. When i was smaller the thing that scarred me like that was that "killer clowns from mars' movie cardboard cutout and chucky one too. I hate those cardboard cutouts

I wonder if that video rental store is sill there and the owner remembers me.

well, with that said. all i can really say from here now is I am very dissapointed how some peeps are acting in this thread... Dont like it? dont post! If you do, dont make a big controversy about it. this is L4y not jerry springer...
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Molodiets   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 10:09pm
L4Y Member
Post 990 / 2687

Quoting D2k
Well, that kid is scarred for life. When i was smaller the thing that scarred me like that was that "killer clowns from mars"

No, i think it's "killer clowns from outerspace"
HitPerson   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 10:16pm
L4Y Member
Post 121 / 379

"Mars," "Outerspace," or whatever, that movie sucked.

** throws chair ** JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 11:36pm
L4Y Member
Post 327 / 1251

I think we all need to take a chill pill lol
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sobe    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 11:50pm
Post 1375 / 3194

That was a hilarious vid! lmao
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ITCH   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 1:54am
L4Y Member
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Quoting NoClanFrank
Quoting ITCH
Anyway that's my say for the year.....

You say that is your say for the year but then you come back and post again.

Well Well Well,Frank you toe tapping tool! when I get such a reaction like this from a simple 1 off post , Its hard not to come back and look at what I achieved, Just goes to show ,My Name speaks the truth *OWNED* and *ANNOYED* by *ITCH* , hahahaha LMAO ,I Win again!
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