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133   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 12:36am
L4Y Member
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It could be worse Goober, ITCH could've made the title a bit more suggestive by eliminating "games" from the title. Also, I don't find it that funny either, a kid is what? Have a bit of empathy people and for those sadistic ones (obviously there's no shortage here), be a good person, don't pick on kids.
Molodiets   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 1:09am
L4Y Member
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Quoting EvilNastyMan
Quoting goober
this is what would make me hope this was in the main lounge, i cant close topics there, but i can edit peoples posts. I can tell you that skip wouldnt have a post like that for long

Isnt that the reason why so many people have pulled out of these forums, because of their posts being edited by power hungry staff members, what happened to free speech.

Funny, if i correctly remember, Goober and NoClanFrank have been detered from posting on Itch's madness because of the brutal way their posts were instantly edited to laugh at them (at least for Goober). Or was it Exostatic?
Who was the guilty moderator then?... Oh yes EvilNastyMan.
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SkipRat    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 1:31am
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whys everyone have to be so serious about it. poor kids feelings.... he probably laughed about it after... and its been done so meh.

And goober theres about 1 in 1000000000000000000000000000000 chance that kid would join l4y dont you think

Like i said before why cant everyone lighten up. goober your staff but its not like a proper "workplace" yeah the rules have to be kept too but everyone likes to have a laugh here... look at all the same "faces" that post on here most days.. the idea of a community is that we all talk to each other or whatever. instead of being CENSORED s disagreeing with something... doesnt matter if you diddnt find it funny... i mean your young yourself so you got a different sence of humor... or im just sick in the head... but i found that video pretty funny and so have most people that have seen it.
Ive never edited a post on systemblink. its quiet on there at the moment... but i never get pissed with people. some idiots have posted all kinds of stuff on there that has annoyed me and i just forget about it, man i even made up with predalienator or whatever he was called

Obviously my forums are aimed at everyone with loose rules at best and this is a family site so i understand... but this video is hardly X rated is it.
My 13 year old sister whos smart as hell proper geek at school passing every test with A's and CENSORED ... she laughed so you cant say its just retards that find this funny.

The doc needs to stop being so angry sounding on the forums seeing as he isnt like the king of l4y. when i was staff did anyone see me acting all superiour... i thought your jobs where to look after game sections with files ect.

I dont really know garner... but ive seen videos of him being bruital to stuff *dragon fly + airsoft = dead bug* he might find it funny.... just because you and doc dont goober doesnt mean thats the final say.


Everyone should be like Mad ferrit is *my darling tommy ohhhhh* haha.. i mean ive gave him some stick before just taking the right piss out of him and hes done the same to me... but its all just a laugh.
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 1:58am
L4Y Member
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thats a funny vid lol

Never knew goober looked like that
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LordSeafood   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 2:10am
L4Y Member
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LOL ive seen that before, still make me laugh.
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KERPAL   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 2:15am
L4Y Member
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I'm sorry, but if goober didn't find that at all amusing then he probably has a real lame sense of humor. Or maybe he could be right, we probably are abunch of retards laughing at pointless and dumb things....

Bigblack40   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 3:01am
L4Y Member
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i want 2 no wot game he playing??
& near the end is he crying or laughting or a bit of both?
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 3:05am
L4Y Member
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Has anyone here ever played this one game online where you're suppose to find Waldo and once you did, a screamer pops up?
60% of the time, it works every time - Brian Fantana    
SkipRat    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 3:21am
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haha yeah that made me jump man
NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 5:36am
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Quoting EvilNastyMan
Isn't that the reason why so many people have pulled out of these forums, because of their posts being edited by power hungry staff members, what happened to free speech.

Funny you should mention free speech when you went on editing goober's post on "your" web site. This is a web page that is not a democracy. It's own and operated by Garner.
You are "not" free to post whatever you want in these forums. That is why there is a set of rules you have to follow. If you break these rules then except the post to be edited or deleted if it can't be saved.
Any way, I went on and changed the title of the thread and removed goober's name from it. Judging from his replies, he didn't appreciate it very much.
As far as the video, I found it funny for the first couple of seconds when the kid jump. I found myself no longer laughing when the kid was crying. The worst part about it that, even though the kid was crying. His father (if that is who is behind the camera) didn't even bother to put down the camera to comfort "his son". If that is "his father * ", he needs a good butt kicking. You know what, as a matter of fact. The thing behind that camera needs an arse kicking no matter who it is. I am using the word it only because the thing didn't show any signs of compassion.

* = A man who begets or raises or nurtures a child.
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ITCH   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 6:17am
L4Y Member
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Edited again , I think most of u staff have a big Power Trip, anyway at least some people on here have a sense of humor ,I mean its not like censored Father is having his way with his son, I bet if it wasn't me that had of posted it ,everything would be fine wouldn't it?, Franky Boy...... and goober Ur just spewing that I put it on you , anyway that's my say for the year.....

P.S I'm Glad that all U normal ppl had a laugh!
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elliooo   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 6:20am
L4Y Member
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I wouldn't call it a power trip...

If Goober doesn't like having his name linked to this, then he has every right to have it removed, as with the forum rules 'Treat others the way you want to be treated'

That was all that was edited. Sure the video is still there (dang funny too ) The only think changed was Goober's name - so there's really nothing to be annoyed about!
NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 6:47am
Post 2375 / 5840
As stated before, this isn't free speech. You have your site, you run it the way you want to run it. You claim to have free speech there, yet you closed the topic about your hatred of before it got too out of hand? Which could only have happened if your site really enforced free speech.
As far as me going on a power trip. That is a bunch of puppy poop. If that was the case I would have deleted the whole thread and I wouldn't have to explain my actions to anybody but Garner.
It might be wise to re-read your posts before you click the submit button to make sure you know what you are saying to be true.
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HitPerson   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 7:06am
L4Y Member
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I don't understand why people are getting so bent out of shape over this video. That kid is like, what, 10 yrs. old? Besides, it's not too likely that this is the first time his dad has pulled something like that on him.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 7:12am
Post 2378 / 5840
Quoting HitPerson
Besides, it's not too likely that this is the first time his dad has pulled something like that on him.

Yeah, you are probably correct. If that is the case, maybe this thing doesn't deserve to have kids.
I think the whole debate is that "Itch" used goober's name in the thread title and within his post. If he hadn't done that, it wouldn't have been a big deal.
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