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HitPerson   Posted 4th Feb 2006 6:32pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting naraku KOTB
o wait looks like yur signature has the name of a rap label.

Looks like that rap label stole the name from the Italian politician/author.

But (cheapshot coming ) I didn't expect a DMX fan to know that.

Also note: Limp Bizkit is an amalgamation of the worst parts of rap and the worst parts of rock (kind of like a musical hot dog) so they shouldn't be used as an argument by anybody.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 4th Feb 2006 7:58pm
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80's and 90's rap is still better

and from that *cheapshot* jus bcuz i like dmx music duznt mean im retarded. But whatever u can listen to marylin manson and ill listen to rap

wait..... says here makaveli was a guy that was in war that faked his death. politician isnt the same thing is it. ?
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HitPerson   Posted 4th Feb 2006 8:57pm
L4Y Member
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1. The "cheapshot" was a joke, You shouldn't judge a person solely on their musical preference. To each his own, but it's always fun to argue about it.

2. Like you (sort of), I like 80s/90s rock/heavy metal, music has gone to hell in the past decade or so. Rarely does any new band (rap or metal) bring anything new or good to the table.

3. here is a quick breakdown of who Machiavelli was: As for anyone else by that name, I couldn't tell you.
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DVL-Blaze   Posted 5th Feb 2006 6:14pm
L4Y Member
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how bout we get back on topic here people?If you wanna discuss the ups and downs of rap and it social/political statements create a new topic for itif not then post your albums!!!!
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HitPerson   Posted 5th Feb 2006 6:16pm
L4Y Member
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Good idea

Dio - Dream Evil
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KERPAL   Posted 5th Feb 2006 9:43pm
L4Y Member
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├ćNIMA-Tool(hence my avatar )
(Best of the Outlaws)Green grass and high tides-Outlaws
Dirt-Alice in Chains
Countdown to Extinction-Megadeth
In Utero-Nirvana
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ergeben   Posted 6th Feb 2006 11:08am
L4Y Member
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I forgot to add some hip hop to my list
Black sunday- Cypress hill
and some more metal:
Diabolus In Musica - Slayer
Peace sells but whos buying? - Megadeth
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goober   Posted 6th Feb 2006 11:24am
L4Y Member
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Quoting ergeben
I forgot to add some hip hop to my list

nah, Jk, you can like what you want, im saying this now because i have to go to school where they all like "G-Unit" and "50 Cent" or as they call it "FiddyCent" immature morons...

wish me luck!
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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SkipRat    Posted 7th Feb 2006 12:01am
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Industrial music is CENSORED . I still like NIN though...

Just had to say that
naraku KOTB   Posted 7th Feb 2006 1:44am
L4Y Member
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i kinda liked that one song frum "my chemical romance" or sumthin like that.
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ergeben   Posted 7th Feb 2006 11:05am
L4Y Member
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All Fear Factory stuff is good. Also Alexisonfire if i havent already mentioned it
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 7th Feb 2006 11:42pm
L4Y Member
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How bout some Thrice?

Thrice- Artist in the Ambulance

some decent songs in it....
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