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naraku KOTB   Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:13am
L4Y Member
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What do you think is the best album. I jus had this cross my mind a bit ago and wanted to know what ppl feel. heres mine.

#1 Thriller.... Michael jackson ( selling 29 million copies)
#2 The chronic.... Dr.Dre (dunno how much that sold)
#3 Est 1999...... Bone Thugs n Harmony (4 milliom)

I'm not into heavy metal or rock stuff, it kinda scares me. And it uznt have any meaning.

MJ is crazy but he made the best music.
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goober   Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:16am
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The Wall - Pink Floyd
Sea Of No Cares - Great Big Sea
Rush In Rio - Rush

Rush in rio isnt really a album, its a concert... but eh
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SkipRat    Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:19am
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heh my mate loves bone thugs.

Im the opposite to you mate, im not into rap its a bit meaningless for me. I dont mind some of the stuff my friend listens too but id rather listen to some heavy metal or hardcore rock or whatever
Yeah i definatly love my music man the lyrics of some heavy bands are brilliant.

But for me personaly i dont want a arguement over my choices being "crap"...... here we go.

1. Trivium - ascendancy
2.Agony scene - the darkest red
3. Caliban - the undying darkness
4.Bullet for my valentine - the poison (yeah i know its crappy emo stuff but i like it)
5. Last but not least... pink floyd - the devision bell, I rekon i prefer this to dark side of the moon. But meh.

For a few rap albums that i like as well....

Skinnyman -council estate of mind
mitchel brothers - not sure what its called but i quite like it, they talk about CENSORED im going thru and of course drugs

Anyway massive essay from me there....
goober   Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:30am
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i absouloutly hate RAP. (retards attmpting poetry ) IMO nothing will ever beat 80s-90s rock
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:54am
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I agree that nothing will ever beat 80s and 90s rock....and the 70s

GO PUNK!!!! It may be on life support but it's still alive!!!

Rap isnt my type of music, but there's some I like. I can listen to it but just dont overdo it and everything will be fine
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naraku KOTB   Posted 30th Jan 2006 1:13am
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Maybe u dont like the rap thats going on righ now, but the rap that was in the 80's and 90's was the best. Great lyric people were out like bone thugs, NWA, tupac, and biggie. Now all the rappers in 2000 always talk about clubbing and being rich. 50 cent sucks btw, just bcuz he can sell well duznt means he has talent.
goober   Posted 30th Jan 2006 1:16am
L4Y Member
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exactally my point.
you should see the **** that i have to put up with in school damn immature ***holes
and, 80s rap wasnt bad, its not something id listin to, but at least those artists had reasonable talent

50 cent is just a retarded monkey madly taking advantage of teenagers because he knows that they will do whatever **** comes out of his mouth
i will literally have a party listining to 20s country when he dies or goes bankrupt (which will happen very soon most likly)
thats what being cool is acually about

well thats my rant for today. stay tuned for another tomorrow
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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LordSeafood   Posted 30th Jan 2006 1:27am
L4Y Member
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Reise, Reise - Rammstein
Meteora - Linkin Park
Conspiracy of one - Offspring, The

I tend to listen to the music before i listen to the lyrics ... so i like some rap songs as the bass in them is awesome. As much as people tend to hate House/Trance/Drum and Bass etc ... i like them and will happily listen to them.

Lyrics mean nothing to me.

Goob do you honestly think listening to 20's country is cool? ... and that celebrating someones death is cool?
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 30th Jan 2006 1:57am
L4Y Member
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Let's see wat rap artists i like...

-Talib Kweli

And 50 Cent suks indeed. He cant rap for ****, all he does is talk. Yea back then, music was god in all categories...or was it?
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Trump   Posted 30th Jan 2006 2:36am
Retired MCPO
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I thought the topic was best albums of all time. Couldn't tell by most of the posts I've seen.

The best albums IMO are:

Led Zeppelin 4
White Album - The Beatles
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Hard Days Night - The Beatles
Harvest - Neil Young
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goober   Posted 30th Jan 2006 10:20am
L4Y Member
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good choices Trump!

Bad choices MAXPAYNE!
i never said it was cool, but after all the grief he has caused me....
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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KillAllHumans   Posted 30th Jan 2006 11:40am
L4Y Member
Post 54 / 165

System Of A Down
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SkipRat    Posted 30th Jan 2006 11:58am
Post 1182 / 3024
the stuff about 50 cent is right. but he has said loads of times, its juts like when he was younger hustleing on the streets to get money.

Hes going to try and get money however he can. Goood luck to him, i dont see him going bankrupt.

And im not a fan. no one hates him like i do.. but now i know why he does what he does it aint so bad.

I forgot i like some electronic music too.

Aphex twin - hangable auto bulb , druqks
Squarepusher - BIG LODA or go plastic
boards of canada are okay if your trying to sleep

But still my main love is rock music.
ergeben   Posted 30th Jan 2006 12:54pm
L4Y Member
Post 67 / 154

1.Battle of los angles - Rage against the machine
2.Reign in blood - Slayer (YEAH!)
3.Killing with a smile - Parkway Drive (From Canberra, Just like me!)

and 50 cent is CENSORED i hate the fucker and hope he CENSORED dies a CENSORED slow and painful death! DEATH TO MODERN RAP!!

Go old school hip hop!

PS I also like Bob Marley
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HitPerson   Posted 30th Jan 2006 9:42pm
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Best album:

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden

Runner-ups (no order)

- Kings of Metal (Manowar)
- Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest)
- Accident of Birth (Bruce CENSORED inson)
- Murder One (Killers)*
- America Must Be Destroyed (GWAR)
- Diabolus in Musica (Slayer)

* the band 'Killers' that was started in the late '80s/early '90s by ex-Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di'anno; not the crappy band 'The Killers' that you see on the MTV
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The_Doc   Posted 30th Jan 2006 9:54pm
Stargate Worlds
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Systems Of A Down - Toxicity
Nickelback - Fight For All The Right Reasons
Theory Of A Deadman - Gasoline
Within Temptation - Silent Force
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