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goober   Posted 1st Sep 2006 2:30am
L4Y Member
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Are we going to get anything in this shop? I mean L4Y teamshirts... id buy one..
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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The_Doc   Posted 2nd Sep 2006 5:31pm
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
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At the current moment i think Garner just wants to concentrate on the site. Maybe when he ticks off all the things on his to-do list, he might think about updating the range of the shop
cyrus5   Posted 4th Sep 2006 12:32pm
[CP] Director
L4Y Member
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Go with the safe bets, things people can litter their desks with, mugs, mouse mats, fluffy soft toys to sit on monitors, and my personal favorite, logo'd post-it notes!

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 Genxer    Posted 4th Sep 2006 2:27pm
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I have the Polo shirts and T-shirts well in hand (or in cup should I say )

Expect some news this week on them.
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