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{TM}Solaris   Posted 26th Jul 2005 9:57pm
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Hi, I reckon that if we all come up with some good ideas, we might just get this topic stickied, so everyone can see it, and add what they think! I think, to start us off, why not do L4Y T-Shirts? You Could have the L4Y logo on the arms and the back (BIG logo for the back!) and then a game logo on the front! I know that if I was allowed, I would buy one! SO! add your thoughts, and we might get stickied, and make L4Y a good bit of money!
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SkipRat    Posted 26th Jul 2005 10:15pm
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wont be stickied. We had this discussion about a thousand times

Uhhh there is a thread for doing this... but i cant seem to find it.

T shirts have been talked about. even down to whos going to make them
tagmaster   Posted 26th Jul 2005 10:31pm
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LordSeafood   Posted 27th Jul 2005 3:49am
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tagmaster   Posted 27th Jul 2005 4:07am
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Gandalf   Posted 27th Jul 2005 9:19am
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Hi everyone, lets stay on topic please before I/we start deleting more talk about porn, this is a family site
tagmaster   Posted 27th Jul 2005 9:04pm
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Ohh well sry every1
Who dares, win!
-Cpt. Pliskin.  

SkipRat    Posted 27th Jul 2005 9:54pm
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might as well lock this thread man, Im sure we have another thread on this
Mostertman    Posted 29th Jul 2005 5:02pm
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Skip you said there has been a thousand topics about this, but i think it might have been one or two. Thousand IS A LOT!
SkipRat    Posted 29th Jul 2005 5:24pm
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heh nah i just ment theres no point having the same topic like loads of times.
ViShNu   Posted 15th Apr 2006 3:39pm
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I'm sure once again that this is not an original idea. But I was thinking about Baseball caps (or beanies) with L 4 Y printed on them...

OHHHH! What about Socks! once again, blue with a silver embossed L4Y on them...

Finally if we were the mafia or something, we could make rings! Very expensive of course, and they would have L4Y inside the Diamond...
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D2k   Posted 15th Apr 2006 3:58pm
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you know, i wouldnt feel very proud wearing one of those... no offense to garner, but making t-shirts for a internet level community is a bit... geeky.
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HitPerson   Posted 25th Apr 2006 6:51pm
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I'd wear one, maybe

Alright, 200 posts!
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LordSeafood   Posted 26th Apr 2006 2:04am
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I would more than likely wear one, but thats if i could even get one which i doubt i could.
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Mostertman    Posted 25th May 2006 11:45am
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Quoting Sophie
Have you made any of this? i would love to have one

Nope Thats just made in photoshop, with some tshirt pictures i found on the internet, the shirts at first where black, so i changed the colours, and added the tekst.
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Assaultman67    Posted 25th May 2006 5:36pm
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i dunno i think the base ball cap idea is pretty good ... id wear one . (i need a new cap anyways) ... there are also other things that could be in the store too like mouse pads, that wouldn't be a far fetched edition.

(ive got a UNL engineering mousepad now ... but im sure i could make room )
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