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THE_KING_SoW   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 7:08pm
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Thought we could have a "What are you listening to right now?" thread here (Sticky?)

Listening to "World In Motion #010 by Andy Prinz and Solid Slide - guests Aly and Fila"

On the Trance channel over at DI.FM
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DG    Posted 23rd Nov 2004 8:06pm
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Freez FM Radio
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blinded2   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 8:13pm
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The Rising End by Zao
Somwhere Only We Know by Keane
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RHF   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 8:33pm
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I'm listening to Spam Thread.
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lacrosse51   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 9:20pm
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Let's Go by Duece Poppito

next on playlist...

Let it Out - Hoobastank
Life's Been Good to me so Far - Joe Walsh
Like a Pimp (Remix) - David Banner

just got through the middle of the L's...
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ElySioN   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 9:42pm
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Carl Orff - Carmina Burana, Performed by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Riccardo Chailly : Love my Classical music.

Afterward, it should be Coldplay coming up, and then Mobb Deep - Amerikaz Nightmare 2004
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the ledge   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:10pm
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Im actually listenin to David Brents (Ricky Gervais) version of "If You dont know me by now" !!
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BATEMAN   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:11pm
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Black Sabbath! Ozzy Osborne


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RF Grim Reaper   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:29pm
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Now : Mase - Welcome Back

Next: Barthezz - On The Move
Soon: U2 - Vertigo

My musical tastes are somewhat... varied lol
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chipgoober1   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:32pm
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Dope - die mf
insane   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:44pm
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the sound of my computer fan
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MasterBETA   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:48pm
L4Y Member
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I am listening to spam thread

^^I'm listening to a bad attitude.^^

Actually I am listening to:
"Hawaiian Slack Key guitar masters, vol. 1"
Before that :
"ANTiSEEN: Destructo Rock"- the UNDISPUTED KINGS of underground american PUNKROCK

My tastes in music vary greatly.
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Johnny_Suave   Posted 24th Nov 2004 12:01am
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Here are my 5 most played albums as of late:

Micranots - The Emperor & The Assassin
MF Doom - Twisted Metal Pt. 1
Nobs - Workin'
Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel?
Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2
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DarkCause   Posted 24th Nov 2004 12:12am
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Listening to more lazy ppl who cant post in other threads. Concering same topics. DER!!
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Equinox   Posted 24th Nov 2004 12:12am
L4Y Member
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No Connection
The Datsuns
Apollyon   Posted 24th Nov 2004 12:37am
L4Y Member
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Rage Against the Machines "Evil Empire" record at present.
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