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DaveMan_CI   Posted 28th Nov 2004 5:27pm
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Rage Against The Machine: Calm Like A Bomb
THE_KING_SoW   Posted 28th Nov 2004 5:47pm
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The Streets - lets push things forward
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Beatonator    Posted 29th Nov 2004 8:47am
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]Jimmy Eat World - Drugs Or Me

soon Followed by Jimmy Eat World - World You Love
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DaveMan_CI   Posted 29th Nov 2004 1:57pm
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Pearl Jam: State of love and trust
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Mighty Mike   Posted 29th Nov 2004 3:06pm
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Midi-tower case: ambient fan hum.
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MasterBETA   Posted 29th Nov 2004 5:21pm
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^ ME TOO!!! ^
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DaveMan_CI   Posted 30th Nov 2004 9:48am
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I got some fan noise... peeps talking.... peeps typing.... some music along hall

Thats the classic sound of collage
phantomchic   Posted 4th Dec 2004 6:32pm
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Quoting phantomchic
Barlow Girl, Skillet,Third Day,Thousand Foot Krutch,FM Static,Falling Up,Sonicflood,Burlap to Cashmere,Raze,Superchic(k),Tait,and Plumb its a cd I made of my fav groups.

now how many of those have you heard of??

same as before i love these people
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sobe    Posted 4th Dec 2004 6:38pm
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That song Oooone hot momma

And Fate.....Phantomchic those are all christian bands You can listen to them on WinAmp radio.The radio station name is and the site is Christian Rock

I like Thousand Foot Krutch-Rawkfist
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CommanderViper   Posted 4th Dec 2004 6:48pm
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I'm listening to a kidnapper telling me to read a cue card...uh I mean I'm listening to "song name". Huh? thats not a song hey wait dont point that knife at me nooooo....!

Just messing actually I'm listening to the Final Fantasy X soundtrack.
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pirhana   Posted 4th Dec 2004 7:36pm
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trickle of water from fishtank filter and the noise of 2 computers and me typing
for once something kind of different!
MasterBETA   Posted 4th Dec 2004 8:01pm
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America- F%$k Yeah!

I want to hear it, but the link is down.....
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ElySioN   Posted 4th Dec 2004 9:27pm
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My Tracks:

Key of Emotions
Plethora of Tears
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LyNx   Posted 5th Dec 2004 4:48am
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not much different
people talking
sister playig keyboard
dog toy with squeaker
NoPants   Posted 5th Dec 2004 3:58pm
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i'm listening to Type O Negative..
and next metallica
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