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vibes   Posted 2nd Mar 2010 10:26pm
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goober   Posted 2nd Mar 2010 10:33pm
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It's made of fail. Think of the lag; it's streaming the game to you, and you're sending your inputs to it.

Not to mention the fact that it makes content development neigh impossible.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Spikey2005   Posted 2nd Mar 2010 10:41pm
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Its an alright device, but heres the problem I see with it.

Quoting Site

OnLive connects you to game servers through the Internet, instantly sending your controller actions upstream and the results back downstream at blinding fast speeds

If those who do not have a very fast broadband connection or cannot afford broadband, this little device is going to get complicated.
It sends your controller inputs to the server you are connected to and it sends the output back to your TV. I would probley expect about 20 - 40ms delay on your input that might end up being noticable but, if their servers manage to maintain their speeds it might go undetected. If lots of people get them, I recon over time, it will become more slower than you think because there are a lot of gamers out there and they enjoy playing games, possibly for the full day. What happens if their dedicated servers get full, do you have to sit and wait in a queue for someone to leave a server so that you can start playing? What if the dedicated servers go down? You won't be able to play your game when you feel like it, just like Steam when its networks go down for maintenance.
I personally would not buy one to be honest.

It does look interesting though, and I love to see how it works out when its finally released.
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Molodiets   Posted 2nd Mar 2010 10:51pm
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might be expensive if they have to rent you the game and pay back the publisher and devote a server just to run your game.

you indeed will need broadband, very broad if you have to transfer all the informations but i guess all games that are suposed to be played online can afford that.
Assman15    Posted 2nd Mar 2010 11:36pm
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If OnLive works like they advertise, then this will be a major step forward in gaming. More likely, though, the system won't work as advertised and fail miserably. The current infrastructure of the Internet doesn't allow for the high transfer speeds this type of thing will require for "instant" response times for game control.
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Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 3:52am
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i agree with goober and I think it's stupid
why suffer lag?... I don't fully understand it? you're even gunna lag on single player games? What if you was to play online with 32-64 players+ how does it not lag? uh confusing..Stupid, Bad idea. I would rather own games.. not rent. Play whenever I want without lag.. be able to download content and mod games.. not like everyone has a super internet connection anyway. This thing will never take off.
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Assman15    Posted 3rd Mar 2010 4:05am
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I regularly stream video, and I can maybe steadily stream 12-15 frames per second. I have a relatively slow broadband connection, and there's usually a full second or two before the viewers see what I see. Accompany this with input and rendering lag and you have something that won't work with the current 'net speeds.
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Beatonator    Posted 3rd Mar 2010 1:05pm
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Quoting digital_ruler
(I hate Steam also.)


Can't stand it and am glad someone else agrees!
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Assaultman67    Posted 3rd Mar 2010 3:56pm
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I think that some people here are missing the real bottom line ...

this really isn't supposed to be an innovation to gaming ... however they're trying to sell it as if it is one ...

Its really just an anti piracy measure ... which is probably the only reason why the company hasn't died 5 minutes after being created ...
Molodiets   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 5:00pm
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it wont be more laggy than adsl tv.
goober   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 6:26pm
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It doesn't matter if TV is delayed by a few seconds (or a few minutes, OR a few hours really), but it matters an awful lot if games are delayed because they're interactive.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Assman15    Posted 3rd Mar 2010 7:13pm
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Quoting Molodiets
it wont be more laggy than adsl tv.

Yes it will. Not only is there the delay for the video to be sent, but there's also the delay for controller input as well as delay for rendering the scene, and don't forget the delay to compress the video too.
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Spikey2005   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 7:34pm
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Wow, I can imagine the image being compress to be able to send it through the internet. Awful quality means poor gaming. Its a product that is going to fail.
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Molodiets   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 7:51pm
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games that are supposed to be played online all have pretty much the same problem: ping/latency

it won't be different here.

playing UT2004 or RF on a dedicated server requires data to be sent to the server and back. There is a lag between the moment you click and the moment the server decides if you hit right or not. And another lag before you know.
talking about sheer bandwith, The amount of data to be sent to the server will be the same with onlive and with normal rf sending data to dedicated server. The amount of data back will be bigger thou but not bigger than adsl tv

as for compressing the image, it's their problem. They might have a lot of computing capacity
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goober   Posted 3rd Mar 2010 8:06pm
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Are you trolling or do you seriously not understand the system?

It renders the game on THEIR servers, STREAMS you the video, waits for YOU to send YOUR input, then applies it.

You're right that online games require data to be sent back and forth - just not ALL of the data like is the case with OnLive.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Assman15    Posted 3rd Mar 2010 11:14pm
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Sending calculations to and from a server uses quite a bit less bandwidth than things like images. To stream a game at a playable frame rate would requires huge amounts of bandwidth. For each frame the server would have to receive input, calculate movement, render the scene, compress the image, and send it back. Sound like a lot of work? Imagine having to do all of that at least 30 times per second.
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