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HitPerson   Posted 12th Jan 2006 11:23am
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Just to pin a name on this whole fiasco:

"To grease the rails for this idea, Sen. Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, and the section's other sponsors slipped it into an unrelated, must-pass bill to fund the Department of Justice. The plan: to make it politically infeasible for politicians to oppose the measure." (from the article)

So while Bush did sign the bill, this Specter fellow put Bush in a position he had to sign since he doesn't have the power to veto a particular part of the bill without vetoing (sp) the whole bill (in this case a "must pass"). So if you guys were wondering who to be mad at, here you go.
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Vidi44   Posted 13th Jan 2006 7:18am
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Well, being that I know a human form from Pennsylvania, he won't take kind to this. Mr. Specter is usually a nice person, however I think with his recent cancer scare, he's thinking he needs to pass a few thousand bills before his death to be legendary.

Mr. Specter was also the one to help PA out a good bit, so give the guy some credit. It has only been in the past year or two that Mr. Specter and his counterpart, Mr. Santorum, have decided to get into their actual careers (before as-of-late, they mostly sat in the back of Congress and "yay"- or "nay" -ed bills).

So, in reality, blame it on someone who thinks that he will die any minute and needs to magically be memorable (if only he'd pick a good reason).
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HitPerson   Posted 13th Jan 2006 9:38am
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Granted, he may have done some good things (honestly, I don't know much about Specter), but this certainly isn't one of them. I just wanted to point this out because many had Bush in their crosshairs when he wasn't actually the one to come up with it.

Besides, if Specter wants to be remembered, I'm pretty sure he daesn't want to be remembered as the "prudish old-guy that made the internet lame."
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goober   Posted 13th Jan 2006 4:29pm
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Quoting HitPerson
come up with it.

no, but he is the one who had to sign the bill, so he obvusly agrees with it (or just was not of sound mind at the time, yes that sounds about right )
and apart from that, he is the one we want to blame everything bad on, but make sure he gets no credit for anything good!
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LordSeafood   Posted 13th Jan 2006 4:46pm
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Goober the bill wasnt only about the e annoyance thing, it also had another thing that the the party/president would not deny ... its how alot of minor stupid laws get passed.

There is also a good chance that bush didnt read it ... because he doesnt know how
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goober   Posted 13th Jan 2006 5:05pm
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LOL! that picture is helarious! im printing that off and bringing it into my schools "secret stupid bush picture" stash. we have a bunch of students who get the stupidest pictures of bush they can, i think we are going to make a page in the schools newspaper of them. man that day will be helarious!
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HitPerson   Posted 13th Jan 2006 9:18pm
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Quoting goober
no, but he is the one who had to sign the bill, so he obvusly agrees with it

The bill was tacked on to a bill that was to fund the department of Justice. Bush for some reason isn't allowed to amend a bill, he has to either sign it or veto it. He wasn't going to not sign a bill to fund the dept. of Justice or else he would be in hot water over that. These senators tacked the e-annoyance bill to this bill because there was no way Bush could get around signing it.

Like LordSeafood said, this is how many dumb laws get passed.
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tagmaster   Posted 14th Jan 2006 7:32am
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Americans are so dumb, what will they do, sue a man because "he called me a n00b" or "he owned me" for crhist sake how far they can get....
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sobe    Posted 14th Jan 2006 8:58am
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That image looks soo fake!

Look at his left shoulder:

Did he get it chopped off by Jason Vorhees? lol
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LordSeafood   Posted 14th Jan 2006 10:24am
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lol i didnt say it was real ... but it is still funny

I have no idea if its real or not
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Mostertman    Posted 14th Jan 2006 6:09pm
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Quoting HitPerson
Please tell me this isn't real

Its on the internet so it must be real!
goober   Posted 14th Jan 2006 6:10pm
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maby thats someones hand reaching across? maby to give bush his 2 words he is supposed to say to the kid (he says to bush: thank you. Bush says: Spank you)
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sypher   Posted 14th Jan 2006 6:14pm
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hey if u dont mind me saying he has the book upside down lol any way i sent my little pet to take care of G. bush so he's dead now i got a pic of it

o and if your wondering where my pet live's its WELCOME TO MY HOME!!
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