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HitPerson   Posted 11th Jan 2006 1:49am
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I sincerely hope this is a joke. Whether or not something is annoying is extremely subjective and a law shouldn't be passed on this. It seems to me that the govt. is trying harder and harder to make sure that nobody gets their feeling hurt by making things more like a police state.


(P.S. - Hope this post doesn't offend anybody, I wouldn't want to go to jail. )
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The_Doc   Posted 11th Jan 2006 3:09am
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HAHA, that's funny

What is the USA coming to! I mean, in forums you reply under a Nickname, so does that count as an offence as i don't have my name in it!! It's the same with MSN Messneger, most people use wierd quotes as well as thier nicknames. Look like loads of people are already breaking that law
goober   Posted 11th Jan 2006 3:13am
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that is the most rediculas thing ive ever heard. luckly im not american so i dont have to live with that moron (Bush) as a leader. if i were american this law would cause me to move anyway. how is it illegal to anoy? i mean i can see if someone is meaning it to get their home adress, or phone number and anoy them that way, but an e-message? thats out of the picutre. IMO bush is just lining himself up to be assassinated. i mean, ever president that has been elected in this cycle, has either died in office, been assassinated, or in the case of Ronold Regan, attempted, but failed. bush fits this line.

to close up, bush is an idiot who i would never trust with anything made of paper certenly not a country.
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Ender   Posted 11th Jan 2006 12:43pm
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Thats complete B.S. Whats next you cant talk becuse it might affend someone.
D2k   Posted 11th Jan 2006 2:20pm
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the U.S is slowly turning into what its been fighting against all along.

Identity theft will be a big hype now...

However if that law only applied to the advertisement industry, I would be happy.
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Predalienator_   Posted 11th Jan 2006 5:21pm
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The US President is such a fool

psttttttt Iraq war costs more than 7 trillion USD.Expect higher prices Americans and high taxes
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mad_ferrit   Posted 11th Jan 2006 6:12pm
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How are they possibly gonna police this???

You can only get punished if you do not use your real name and contact details? OK, good luck looking for a guy called Predalienator in the phonebook Bush
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 11th Jan 2006 7:29pm
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ips ferrit... they can force they site holder to give them the ips if the site is served on american soil... ppl on l4y shouldnt have to worry..

but it is CENSORED ... i mean CENSORED , they are censoring any thing that has to do with religion.."it might offend some one" that is currently americas favorite quote... every one just needs to take a look at carlos mencia and say "i discriminate against every one equally:
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Molodiets   Posted 11th Jan 2006 8:33pm
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Quoting HitPerson


Screw you!

oh no wait. i'm sorry. that's not what i meant to say.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please excuse me. Don't sue me. I'll wash your car.

Hey somebody has stollen my account. i'm gonna change my password. I didn't write this.
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HitPerson   Posted 12th Jan 2006 5:15am
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My car is pretty dirty.
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Garner    Posted 12th Jan 2006 5:37am
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Quoting Ugly Donkey
ips ferrit... they can force they site holder to give them the ips if the site is served on american soil... ppl on l4y shouldnt have to worry..

but it is CENSORED ... i mean CENSORED , they are censoring any thing that has to do with religion.."it might offend some one" that is currently americas favorite quote... every one just needs to take a look at carlos mencia and say "i discriminate against every one equally:

L4Y is hosted in the US. Technically if they ask me, I'd have to give them the data.

Its the reason the registration script asks if you're over 13 or not. Thats a US law that under 13's are supposed to get their parents/guardians to agree to them signing up on the site. Personally I couldn't care less about it, but as the servers are in the States it has to be there...
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goober   Posted 12th Jan 2006 5:41am
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i didnt think molo would write that, but yea my car is dirty too

and, Garner, why would you have to give them the data? your in the UK arnt you? and the US has no right to ask you for any data...

just because the server is stationed in the US, that means that they have the right to ask someone in another contry for some data? this is getting out of control...
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Vidi44   Posted 12th Jan 2006 6:04am
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Good thing I'm Canadian (although I'm so close to the boarder that my IP is from US <grr>).

Basically, we're all Censored because its too convinient to pass up. Last week (or two weeks ago) Bush reinforced his ideas why wiretapping (as it is now, where you can be tapped if they only think you're a terrorist. They don't tell you that you're being tapped (for obvious reasons) and when you're charged, they don't mention that the information was obtained through an illegal wiretap). Now, he's tapping the Internet.

I pretty much offend people daily. As such, I'll be in jail within a week ("yay!" from those who hate me (which is decreasing each day, as people start to actually agree with me. It is strange, as there's times when I hate what I've written, but so many have quoted me on it I can't change it. Of course, when you get 50 replies agreeing with you, it takes the pain out of writing what you later (after more information) don't agree with)). From the rest of you, "arg!"). Even so, there's little that I couldn't do to stop anyone from arresting me. Legally, this cannot be enforced as it:

removes people's freedoms (quote the Preamble: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (are guaranteed by the Constitution)")

can only be found out by an illegal wiretap (they have no reason to check the site)

is part of profiling (that all people who write online will offend)

I have the freedom of speech (yay!)

The only thing that could possibly be charged against me is libel, which I believe is a misdemeanor. Like Pred said, this is probably something someone is trying to do to raise funds for the war.

I apologize if you were offended by my statements. I believe it is a misdemeanor as I use that expression ("I believe") to designate that I do not know the correct answer, but am fairly sure of myself. Further, my Canadian-ness does not, in any way, mean that the US is a bad place. Some may say that it is a horrible place where the government is growing increasingly sadistic <looks at guards behind me, who hold a cattle prod set to max>. I say that the US is a great place of opportunity, and that perhaps some day it would be spiffy for myself to move there and fund the war directly <asks if guards approve of statements. They zap me 3 times, tell me to disrobe, and whip me in front of my friends and relatives in the middle of a filthy jail; then tell us all to form a naked human pyramid while a psychotic liar says she wasn't there>. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sobe    Posted 12th Jan 2006 6:41am
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The government is full of moronic tards. And everyone I know is a tard! (including peeps on L4Y).

I insulted everyone, now what are you going to do?! Tell the FBI (Federal Bearau of Idiots) that someone by the name "sobe" is insulting you?!

lol, people REALLY need to get a grip. I know that there are cyber crimes, but that is just plain stupid.

For instance, take this as an example:

What if I were talking to my friend on MSN Messenger or TeamSpeak, and he happens to drop in on the convo and I say that my friend is a f***ing idiot, and the person that just joined thinks I am talking about them, so they leave, and report me to the FBI, or whatever.

This is all just stupid...
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HitPerson   Posted 12th Jan 2006 8:03am
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Hopefully people will stand up and voice their displeasure and this whole thing will go away in time. I have seen this same article discussed everywhere from GameFAQs to Sherdog and the responses are all the same: people are pissed off!

Either way I am keeping an up-beat attitude about things.

Worst case scenario: I'll have to put on my happy face every time I go online .
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 12th Jan 2006 10:46am
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besides the fact that the bill goes against the american right of freedom of speech, they can not inforce the bill, with out being sued,a nd it goeing all the way to the supreme court, in which case if the judges arent cmplete morons will see that it is againts our first rights, and the bill will be discarded.

srry bout the misconception i thought the server was hosted in england or over in europe or something
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