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LordSeafood   Posted 24th Nov 2005 12:09am
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Goober as long as you eat, drink and take a 5 - 30 min break every now and then (usually getting something to eat is enough of a break) you should have no issues, I myself have gamed for 40 hours straight and all was well as i had 10 litres of Pepsi Max next to me and took about 10 mins to eat every 6 hours or so. I felt like crap afterwards but that was because of tiredness and bad diet during the LAN (Pepsi, Pizza and Meat Pies ) and after i had a good sleep and proper food i was perfectly fine again.
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HitPerson   Posted 15th Dec 2005 6:47pm
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Quoting molodiets

I have spent more than 24 hours in a row on a game. Not because i wanted to. Just because i felt i had to, i couldn't help, i couldn't stop now, Just a few minutes more and on and on.
And it wasn't even an online game with other players relying on me, with something at stake.

Please tell me you are joking.
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Bjossi   Posted 15th Dec 2005 7:06pm
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My family tells me I´m a gaming addict, and I never spend more than 7 hours in front of the monitor...this is just ridiculous, where were the girl´s parents? The parents are responsible for what their kids do.
Assaultman67    Posted 25th Dec 2005 5:29pm
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ok, i honestly cannot understand how a person could play a game for that period of time without once thinking ... "hey, i could go for a sandwhich right about now" or "man, im really thirsty."

i find it very hard to belive people can ignore their bodliy urge to survive by playing a game ... and yet it must be true.

i feel sorry for the girl who died ... but i feel sorry for the people who can develop that much of an addiction also.

this kinda runs head on with the final essay i wrote for Eng comp 101 ...
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