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General_187   Posted 5th Jun 2005 9:47pm
L4Y Member
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I realize there are other threads from the past about xfire addy's but here goes.


But, a recent question about a file was asked and I wasnt around to fix it! So, Xfire is a good thing to use i guess to contact me/each other!

Post your Xfire address below if you are cool with others adding you.

PLZ, we don't need opinions about Xfire and its uses, just simple addresses will do or your post will be deleted. THX.

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SKA-Diesel   Posted 5th Jun 2005 9:52pm
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The_Doc   Posted 5th Jun 2005 9:52pm
Stargate Worlds
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casdawer (cas-door-er, if u don't know how to pronounce it)... i made that word up

Thanks General_187
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Dark Jon   Posted 5th Jun 2005 10:07pm
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Molodiets   Posted 5th Jun 2005 10:50pm
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DaveMan_CI   Posted 5th Jun 2005 10:53pm
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Fo nizzle ma shizzle
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DVL_IAC   Posted 5th Jun 2005 10:58pm
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Cptchaos   Posted 6th Jun 2005 2:37am
L4Y Member
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FIXED! You're Welcome!
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 Genxer    Posted 6th Jun 2005 9:03am
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CSS Junkie

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Beatonator    Posted 6th Jun 2005 9:39am
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Ok I have only just started using xfire and keep forgetting to use it when im playing games.

Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
>Link< (or head over to's comment section!)  
CommanderViper   Posted 6th Jun 2005 3:26pm
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Dont feel alone Beat, I do the same thing.

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smotty   Posted 11th Jul 2005 10:01pm
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LordSeafood   Posted 12th Jul 2005 3:35am
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P.S. Still Alive.    
elliooo   Posted 12th Jul 2005 10:12am
L4Y Member
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Just got it - check out all those games I've played!
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smotty   Posted 12th Jul 2005 3:39pm
L4Y Member
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BUMP!!! I know more peeps got Xfire..what ...are you skeeeerrrrdd!! smot)0(
Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell
the difference.  
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goober   Posted 7th Jul 2006 1:28pm
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Hi guys, old thread, i know... but i didnt want to make a new one about the exact same thing.
So i finally gave in and trusted another IM other than Yahoo, and its XFire...
Keep in mind that i only got it yesterday
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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