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DG    Posted 25th Feb 2005 1:16pm
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Since the last one got deleted by some idiot, here's a new one!

Please only congratulate people here, don't start separate topics!
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SkipRat    Posted 25th Feb 2005 1:35pm
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Heh, Happy birthday garner then
Gandalf   Posted 25th Feb 2005 1:44pm
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LOL oh well "Happy Birthday" again Garner
Beatonator    Posted 25th Feb 2005 2:24pm
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Happy Birthday Ole' man

23... Crikey, you better get that Hair dye, and Wig ready. gonna start losing your hair and your mind soon. just look at what Happened to Kiliad. (About the Mad part at least)
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DaveMan_CI   Posted 25th Feb 2005 5:46pm
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happy Bday garner
GTA   Posted 25th Feb 2005 6:07pm
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Happy birthday! can we send you packages?
Stalinator   Posted 25th Feb 2005 6:57pm
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Happy Birthday Garner
(tx) sTaLinAtoR    

SKA-Diesel   Posted 25th Feb 2005 7:00pm
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Happy Birthday man

levels4you rocks
Trump   Posted 25th Feb 2005 7:05pm
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Happy Birthday Garner...again.

Lost message makeup #3
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Garner    Posted 25th Feb 2005 7:38pm
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Thanks guys

Quoting GTA
Happy birthday! can we send you packages?

Via the 'Donate to L4Y' button yeah
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SkipRat    Posted 25th Feb 2005 9:21pm
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Quoting Garner
Thanks guys

Quoting GTA
Happy birthday! can we send you packages?

Via the 'Donate to L4Y' button yeah

I think he was thinking of a ticking package

I promise as soon as i get a job ill donate something over How good am i eh.

hope u had a good day man
DVL_IAC   Posted 25th Feb 2005 9:21pm
L4Y Member
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Happy 23rd B-Da[gold]y[/gold] Garner[silver]![/silver][bronze]![/bronze] again
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OutlawSkot33    Posted 25th Feb 2005 9:51pm
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again Happy Birthday you screwed up douche bag

as for a present, a update soemtime and once ig et a job, donations
Dark Jon   Posted 25th Feb 2005 11:48pm
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Happy Birthday Garner

Sorry I haven't been on as much. Only my uncle guards his AOL dialup account with a password.

Starting March 7th, I'll be Home Again So Expect Me To Be On More And Also A Update Where I Actully Upload Files.
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Luigi   Posted 26th Feb 2005 12:38am
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Quoting DVL_IAC
Happy 23rd B-Da[gold]y[/gold] Garner[silver]![/silver][bronze]![/bronze]

How long it take you to write that Anyways..
HaPpY BiRThDay!
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General_187   Posted 26th Feb 2005 4:20am
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Happyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyy!
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