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Johnny_Suave   Posted 15th Oct 2004 3:42pm
L4Y Member
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Me, I hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I'm under-played in stereos.    
Lord Benson   Posted 15th Oct 2004 3:56pm
L4Y Member
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It's good to be nasty!
karl319   Posted 31st Oct 2004 3:24pm
L4Y Member
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OMG RHF whoa your so lucky to have a cool room like that....wish i had one like that..ah well..maybe when i move out and get my own apartment
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RHF   Posted 31st Oct 2004 3:27pm
L4Y Member
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I do like it, will be moved out in a couple of weeks though methinks.
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 31st Oct 2004 3:55pm
L4Y Member
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Ive got a new desk now..

Its about 1.6 m wide and holds A3 drawing pads with ease... and a pencil or 2.

Check out my Mila cyborg I was playing around with in photoshop...
L4Y   Posted 31st Oct 2004 4:03pm
L4Y Member
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Do I see right? RHF you motherf*cker, you have at least four Cobalt RaQ servers! They suck, but man they are cool

D'you think you'd mind to send one my way?

RHF   Posted 31st Oct 2004 5:03pm
L4Y Member
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I have two Cobalt RaQ's..

Its the RaQ1 and RaQ2 models, 64-bit MIPS, 100mhz and 250mhz, its where all my levels4you bashing goes on.

Tricord, Here, Have one.
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RvA   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 1:52pm
L4Y Member
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Hehe, you like mine ?

Don't tell me folks, i know it looks like a microwave !

Here a screenshot of my desktop. (damned, i have to arrange the icons)

υт2004 σωиz вяσωѕє му ¢яαρ    Modified Nov 23rd, 02:03pm by RvA
THE_KING_SoW   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 2:58pm
L4Y Member
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Take a look at the third game from the right...
Dam DVL_IAC, your the first one I've ever seen have that game
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RHF   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 8:34pm
L4Y Member
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What Barbie?
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RED-FROG   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 8:43pm
L4Y Resident
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Everybody put your eyes on the upper right of the pic
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JeSter   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:44pm
L4Y Member
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Johnny_Suave   Posted 23rd Nov 2004 11:48pm
L4Y Member
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Well, I finally managed to get ahold of a digital camera, so I took a pic. Me and this ol' bugger have a love-hate relationship. I love it, and it hates me.

Me, I hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I'm under-played in stereos.    
MSM1000    Posted 24th Nov 2004 1:41am
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In addition to the PCs on Page 4 I also have these...

"Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers."    Modified Nov 28th, 10:46am by MSM1000
MrWizard   Posted 24th Nov 2004 2:12am
L4Y Member
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Why on earth do you need 3 Cisco 2500's?

Nevermind...I answered my own question with my own addiction to hardware....

Because I can...
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.    
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