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Kiliad   Posted 8th Jan 2005 4:18am
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If someone else took over making RF3 it would end up a mess. You need the original people involved but give them enough time to get it done properly. Game companies always rush stuff out because they want the money fast. The end result is buggy games that require many updates. The original game would have been so much better if time had been taken to iron it out. Even the help file for the editor was grossly incomplete.
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Ivrikk   Posted 8th Jan 2005 4:50am
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I agree with you, and thats right, but, they will create a RedFaction 3?? I mean, how do they know that?? If thats true, I'll buy it the first change I'll have. . .
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L4Y   Posted 1st May 2007 3:02pm
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