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Fate   Posted 14th Apr 2015 7:08pm
L4Y Member
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I have been away from the game for a very long time, I have no maps, not even my own, where can I download them now?
naraku KOTB   Posted 19th Apr 2015 12:39pm
L4Y Member
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try faction files .com

Well first you should download purefaction. It comes with an automatic map downloader. So really theres no need to download the maps beforehand, it will do so when you try to join a server that's using a map you don't have.
Beatonator    Posted 20th Apr 2015 12:20pm
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Welcome back Fate!

Sad times really, L4Y is a shadow of its former self, although that just makes shadows look bad lol.

I still check on L4Y every so often, not sure why tbh these days. Garner has promised to sort something out for the site for the past few years but nothing's ever happened.

TBH, I think I come by here purely out of habit and fondness for what it used to be. My first and only homepage of the internet!

As mentioned, for levels, you want factionfiles. I prefer to hang out in the chatbox than the forums there though!
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sobe    Posted 6th Jul 2015 6:02am
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Don't forget RFV is still alive as well.
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StuPidaso   Posted 9th Jul 2015 5:22pm
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Fate!! Good to see you're still around. As others have mentioned, I hear PureFaction works well and has an auto download feature for maps that have been pushed up to their server. Other than that, I am sure between Frank and myself we can get you any map you'd want (e.g. Fates Beatdown).

Speaking of Frank, he still joins most evenings on the server if you are looking to give him some abuse.

Take care,
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Lace    Posted 21st Jul 2015 11:21am
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Just watch out for Stu or he will beat you down
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