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Beatonator    Posted 4th Jul 2014 4:19pm
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I realise the site isn't used actively by most and also that you don't really have any interest in it any more, but it would be nice if you could at least try and fix the few issues that are plaguing those who do remain!

- Registration - I believe this is broken, possibly due to emails?
- Password reset/account help - I know recently Cyrus hasn't been able to login and NCF couldn't reset his account. Can we get basic functionality restored?
- Site error - The bug that means people get errors navigating the site. It is REALLY frustrating. I know you previously mentioned this, can we please get this fixed?

these simple fixes would help those of us who do remain, to communicate and socialise without all the frustration. (I'm also hoping to arrange games through L4Y.)

Kiliad of Oz also cant login either.
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KERPAL   Posted 5th Jul 2014 7:13pm
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This site could use a good reboot.
Garner    Posted 25th Jul 2014 1:41pm
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Yup... I know... its been soooooo long.

Missing various backend scripts etc, the site just went into a dormant state.

I did start work on a replacement a year or so ago, then broke up with my gf, ended up moving house and am living in a DIY project at the moment. Basically bought a place cheaply to do up - got a bedroom (instead of just a mattress on the floor of whatever room had space) 2 weeks ago and both bathrooms are now 90% done - had a bath the entire time but I finished the new shower just last night.

Basically I'd love to get back to this place and bring it into the modern era but I'm not going to have time for a while - have to finish building my house first and when I get some spare time I'll kick back with a game otherwise I'd have burned out long ago....
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Beatonator    Posted 29th Jul 2014 8:20am
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Is there any quick fixes you could possibly apply, just to get around things like the Error page popping up and the logging in for users like Cyrus? (Possibly just get the admin panel working enough for us to reset passwords/authorize accounts?

Sounds like you have a massive project ahead. We bought a house 3/4 years ago and have been slowly doing it up, but it was liveable when we moved in so doesn't sound as bad as your place, mind you we are still doing it up as we aren't exactly rolling in it!
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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