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naraku KOTB   Posted 9th Jul 2013 9:17am
L4Y Member
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Yo yo, sawp l4y, what's goin awn, anyways I need help, I know plenty of you here are savy computericians, so I figured this would be a good place to go.

K, so my computer was shutting off randomly. In the middle of youtube or whatever. Completely off, as if someone pulled the power cord right out the computer, with no warning or anything.

I update, what I think is almost ALL my drivers, but to no avail.

Cleaned out my dust- Fail

Bought a new fan in case of overheating - Fail

Bought 2 more gigs of ram incase my current ram was failing - Still fail.

At this point after running in safe mode for a couple weeks, I start getting getting BSOD called Bad pool caller. I googled as much as I could and this is what I did.

Bought a brand new power supply with more wattage- Fail

Bought a brand new hard drive and installed XP, managed to log in, but.....-FAIL turned off randomly again.

Took out DVD drive incase it was doin something - FAIL

Bought a new video card - NOTHING

So it's not my harddrives, and it's not my power supply or all the other stuff, so what could it be? I'm running out of ideas. Processor maybe?

anyone have any clues on this? Help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 9th Jul 2013 2:05pm
L4Y Member
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I would of started with checking the CPU temp, perhaps its turning off because its too hot. I know mine will either shut its self down or blue-screen at high temp. If its old then the Heat-paste which sucks the heat from the CPU and on into the heat-sink might be dried out. You could try reapply some new paste or buy a new heat-sink. Use a program called Core Temp to check your CPU temp. But this is not always accurate so depending on what Bios you have you could look for something like "hardware monitor" to find your temperature.

-Find out what CPU you have a Google it to find the maximum recommended temperature.

If its not that it could be the motherboard overheating but i find this more unlikely.

You say it happens on Youtube, If it only happens on Youtube try right-click a playing video and select Settings, tick or un-tick "Enable hardware acceleration". Just to see if that helps.
naraku KOTB   Posted 12th Jul 2013 3:24am
L4Y Member
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Yea, I checked my temps and they were, average, and this was before the new psu and extra fan.

so yea, the motherboard has the best temp but I tried everything, I applied new paste today and it still shuts down on me. What else could it possible be
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Spikey2005   Posted 12th Jul 2013 7:59am
L4Y Member
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First fail - Windows XP

You should upgrade to Windows 7 now as most games and applications do support it now. It has great compatibility and it runs 100x better than Windows Vista. If you wanted to step it up a notch, then get Windows 8. That I have heard, it is slightly better than Windows 7, but the interface for Windows 8 is much different.

Second Fail - You have practically swapped everything out apart from your Motherboard. The root of everything that plugs into your computer and you never thought that your Motherboard maybe at fault, but then again, how can ya tell? .

Maybe it is time for an upgrade perhaps. Buy a whole new computer with faster processor. Whats the specs of your current PC?
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naraku KOTB   Posted 13th Jul 2013 12:29am
L4Y Member
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lol, xp too good tho. Nah but, I never upgraded cause I only had 2 gigs of ram and I didn't think it would be enough. but now i do. so yea.

and lmfao , I was praying in the back of my mind that it wasnt the motherboard. But I guess it is. aren't i lucky

My specs are . old pc btw like 6 years old

amd x2 6000+ 3.0 ghz
geoforce gt 620 2gig video card
4 gigs of corsair ram
700 watt corsair gaming psu
320 gig hitachi hd
250 gig samsung hd
and the mobo is (Socket AM2)GigaByte GA-M55SLI-S4 nForce4 SLI Chipset DDR2/800 SATA 16x PCI-Express MBoard w/GbLAN,IEEE1394,USB2.0,&7.1Audio

I bought the pc in 07 and i just started to upgrade it.

After buying about 90% of the setup I feel like making a new pc

But yea, Might as well finish this one, I already bought all the CENSORED for it

I'm having a hard time finding an exact model of my mobo for sale tho, since it is pretty old.
Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 13th Jul 2013 11:28pm
L4Y Member
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Check the voltage of the RAM sticks, does it say they are suppose to be 1.5v? if it does, try set them to 1.65v, it should not damage them, but as with anything, you do this at your own risk.
I saw a similar problem with a gigabyte motherboard before, i know it was a similar model number too. I know you've said you tried different RAM stick but trust me, it might be worth it, was in my case.

Lastly check the motherboards website to make sure it fully supports that RAM.
If all else fails try take the MHz down a notch on the RAM and if it doesn't blue screen try a Memory Test.

Just trying to help.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 15th Jul 2013 11:11am
L4Y Member
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Ok thanks I'll try it out. I never messed with modifying how my ram works but well see how it goes.

oh and 1 question. I recently bought 2 gigs of ram, they're the same brand, and size but my new ones are 5-5-5-18 and my original ones are 4-4-4-12. Can I still run them together?

Spikey2005   Posted 16th Jul 2013 1:09am
L4Y Member
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Most likely not. Not stable anyways. The timing is different which means your not getting the full performance of your RAM. Also your cpu is bottle necking the rest of your computer. You have a good graphics card but your still stuck with dual core AMD. If I were you, if money permits, salvage what you can from your current pc and buy some new parts such as a new up to date motherboard and processor. Its a good start in my opinion.
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Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 17th Jul 2013 12:35am
L4Y Member
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The RAM should work together no problem. It shouldn't be unstable.
Just make sure they are all the lower speed ones: 5-5-5-18 in bios.

Smaller numbers when it comes to RAM Timings are faster.
So 5 is Slower then 4. (in short: its like the response time)

MHz in-short: The Higher the MHz the faster it transfers data.
Be sure the MHz of all RAM are also set to the LOWEST MHz stick you have.

Voltage: Lets say you have 1 stick that requires 1.5v and that is the slower stick. Then you have the faster timings RAM with 1.65v, as i said you lower the speeds to the slowest stick, that should allow them all to run at 1.5v. If its unstable(blue-screen) then you set it to the higher voltage 1.65v

The Higher the MHz also increases the "response time" of the sticks.
I basically covered it roughly but i hope it gives a bit of understanding. Hope it wasn't to confusing.

Lastly, Be-careful not to set them higher speeds than they are suppose to run(over-clocking).. Your Computer my fail to boot and you may have to short out the battery on your motherboard to reset the Bios to Factory Settings. Only do this after you know you have a Stable PC, should you want to overclock.

-If I'm wrong about any of this then hopefully somebody will correct me.

P.S. Let me know if you figured out what was causing the crashing. I have another idea it might be your motherboard overheating. You can use a Program called: SpeedFan to check your System Temperature.
I'm hosting a LAN party over the next few days, but if i get time I'll write back, should you need any more help.
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Spikey2005   Posted 17th Jul 2013 10:51am
L4Y Member
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Ric, its unstable to run RAM at different timing rates. The cpu has to calculate the timing correctly and adjust it self. Doing so can cause instability with the system. Thats why it is recommended to have all of your RAM exactly the same. In some cases, it does work and I know this, but it is the result of most BSODs. RAM runs at good performance if the timing is all the same. This is because the cpu does not need to adjust its calculations .
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Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 17th Jul 2013 3:23pm
L4Y Member
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It is recommended to have all the same RAM. However timings do not change. They will run stable anything below their maximum speed. That's why when you recover from a Crash your RAM will run on its lowest possible speed, and that has been the case for many many years. Nothings changed there. Do a stress test on your CPU, Look on any monitoring program. timings do not change nor does voltage. They do on CPUs and GPUs. but it would be unstable and no make any sense to do it on RAM. Also all RAM has to be set at the same speed, you can not configure them individually, the settings in bios count for all slots.

Anyway enough explaining. It will work. You can try it for yourself. It wont do any harm and it will run OK as-long as timings and MHz are set as i said. And always make sure your Motherboard supports the RAM and your CPU can cope with the MHz speed.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 27th Jul 2013 1:42am
L4Y Member
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Thanks for all the help guys. It's come down to the motherboard being the issue. I've tried everything in every combination, and it all leads to the motherboard being the culprit.

So looks like I'm stuck getting a similar motherboard to accomodate all the new crap I bought. Anyone care to help me out finding the right one? I was thinking this would work
Again, my pc specs are

1.(Socket AM2) AMD Athlon™64 X2 6000+ Dual-Core CPU
2.DDR2 corasir 6400 ram ( 4 gigs, 1 gig per stick.)
3. 2gb geoforce GT620 pci express 2.0
4. GS700 Corsair gaming series PSU
5. 320GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD + 250 gb samsung HD

I don't want to spend too much money since I already upgraded everything else. The processor seems fine so I don't think I'll replace that yet, and if it does turn out to be the processor I'm gonna be pissed.

But i'm open to reccomendations too. So any help is appreciated.

Thanks again

WAIT WAIT back up yo. I found this.

This blows my mobo out the water and everything on my pc will fit it right? besides not being able to use my 4 gigs of ram , which I could sell or somethin.
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Spikey2005   Posted 29th Jul 2013 5:42pm
L4Y Member
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I would just go all out on an upgrade if I were you. Your not going to play Red Faction all your life are you? There are other excellent games coming out soon for PC such as Watch Dogs by Ubisoft, Grand Theft Auto 5 by Rockstar Games and many others. Most of your current hardware you have is outdated and very hard to get hold of now, not mention, some of it will be expensive for some strange reason which I cannot work out why.

You want to try and aim higher spec but keep a budget in place. Red Faction runs on anything. My Core i7 3770k Ivy Bridge processor will run the game on one core .
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naraku KOTB   Posted 30th Jul 2013 7:25am
L4Y Member
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Yea your right. I just feel bad about having all these spare working parts lol.

So would you not reccommend I get the one I found on ebay? I don't know how up todate it is, I've been out of the loop for a long time.
Spikey2005   Posted 1st Aug 2013 12:12pm
L4Y Member
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You want to look at either the i3 / i5 / i7 processors. My current computer has the i7 3770k ivy bridge in it. Bit expensive but it was well worth it for the power of it. I dont know any AMD processors to get because i dont personally like AMD but they are cheaper to get. Maybe someone who does know AMDs could give you some advice :-).
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Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 2nd Aug 2013 1:42am
L4Y Member
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If you're on a budget check out AMD processors. You can get a nice 4 or even 8 core for really cheep.

For Example: 4.2ghz is nice and fast:

I own one of those processors, runs really well and very happy with the price. However i still use a older Phenom II which is 6 core in my main gaming PC, that runs at 4.1Ghz over-clock. Not bad for the price. I haven't come across a game it won't run on ultra settings yet.

Both Processor makes have their Pros/Cons. But if price is what matters then it's looking like AMD.
Checkout this site for Processors and Graphic Cards:
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