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Beatonator    Posted 5th Jul 2013 4:47pm
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Just wondering if anyone is still here / checks in here?
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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NoClanFrank    Posted 5th Jul 2013 8:52pm
Post 5827 / 5840
I checked in today.
I still play Red Faction pretty much everyday for about 1.5 hours a day.
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goober   Posted 6th Jul 2013 1:15pm
L4Y Member
Post 258 / 265

I check in periodically to check if anyone has posted RED or RF questions.
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Hapa Hanu   Posted 7th Jul 2013 4:01pm
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Sadly I don't get around too much on the internet. Been working up to 80 hours a week; making up for time when there wasn't much work from 1998 to 2009. That was a really screwed up decade in all sorts of profoundly messed up ways - LOL.

Regardless, if I have the opportunity to run machine tools... I gotta do it.
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Beatonator    Posted 8th Jul 2013 8:09am
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Glad to see a few still checking in on a regular basis! Where do you guys hang out online these days? I'm mostly on a car club website with regards to forums.

Wish something had been done with L4Y, but I think when the downloads went that was the life blood of the site.

Wonder what Garner is up to these days?

Should arrange a game of RF at some point with all you guys who are still around!
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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Lace    Posted 8th Jul 2013 7:09pm
Post 1209 / 1216
I saw Frank in RF today, and I check in here from time to time.
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Beatonator    Posted 12th Jul 2013 9:32am
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Well at least a few people still haunt the area.

No sign of the G-Man.
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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Morgoth   Posted 12th Jul 2013 6:41pm
L4Y Member
Post 390 / 393

Hi everyone,

Same mood, glad to see the RF little community is not totally eradicated. The L4Y link still in my Fav. toolbar and continue to take a look.

Very long time I played, but him open to participate online events with L4Y community anytime. If you are welling to join, show yourself,
...the time as come, ... ...

Still remember the site Forum Code

Have a nice weekend,
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Spikey2005   Posted 29th Jul 2013 5:44pm
L4Y Member
Post 2119 / 2126

I pop in occasionally to see if I can help out anyone with Red Faction Level Editor to the best I can.
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sobe    Posted 6th Aug 2013 8:18pm
Post 3183 / 3194
I think we all check here and there Such fond memories of the good ol' Levels4You back in the day
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