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Beatonator    Posted 31st Mar 2014 1:05pm
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Thought I would update this thread...

Still driving my MG ZR.

I'm commuting 75+ Miles per day now, so aprox 20k Miles per year.

I got my remap done in the end, and at a discounted price for organising a group remapping session!

Notice a bit more power across the rev range, not much but enough and its extended the power band lower down the rev range.

I've also been getting better MPG.

Thats also a link to my Fuelly page.

Whats everyone currently driving? Any changes to your cars?
I'm not sure what I've mentioned previously, but I've fitted a strut brace to stiffen up the body roll and boy does it feel good going round corners!

Still aiming to get footwell LED's done. I have the bits bought, and I started to get stuff done, then went to solder and the soldering iron doesn't work! So it's waiting for me to get that sorted. I've also got some OEM sideskirts to match the rest of the car (Should have come from the factory with them), just need them sprayed to match as one is Green!
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
>Link< (or head over to's comment section!)  
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