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naraku KOTB   Posted 10th Nov 2011 12:52am
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Yo........ CENSORED ?

ok.. I woke up unexpectedly this morning....

Ok, first off I have an alarm clock program.. I choose what time and what mp3 file to play to wake me up. Cause my phone alarm isn't enough to wake me up. I need surround sound to awake me from my slumber...

Anyways I leave my computer on with that program running. Except this time I left Opera running with a youtube tab open, it was a bone thugs n harmony song. But ya I had opera minimized and the only thing showing was my desktop.

Now heres the CENSORED up part...

I woke up at around late 7 AM'ish....... to the bone thugs n harmony song I had on youtube... NOT my alarm clock... i was like Yo CENSORED H4xors . CENSORED is going on.

How the hell did my computer end up playing a youtube video at 7 AM in the morning?????

My ASSIGNED alarm clock was at 10:35 .... and it's a seperate program that has nothin to do with youtube.. So CENSORED yo!!?!?

I think it's a ghost.
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Beatonator    Posted 10th Nov 2011 8:10am
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Youtube loops after a fair amount of time if I remember correctly as I had this happen once.

I edited your topic name so it actually appears in the list!
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