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NetNerd85   Posted 27th Aug 2011 12:14pm
L4Y Member
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I've just come back after a long time away from the site, now I am getting blank PM's show up in my inbox anyone else getting this? It's only been 2 so far.
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Morgoth   Posted 27th Aug 2011 5:43pm
L4Y Member
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I experience the same bug, they are broken auto reply when you choose to have alert on a topic. I don't know if I can receive a PM successfully.

When a new post is made in this topic...
...send me a PM

I see you are a member since 7th Jun 2003, so it's probably that.

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NoClanFrank    Posted 27th Aug 2011 11:49pm
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PM system isn't fully operational as yet.
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Morgoth   Posted 28th Aug 2011 6:03pm
L4Y Member
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I hope Garner will fix this #1 priority PM bug to let community contact each other correctly, without this the site start to be too broken.

I also don't understand what happen about many topic lost, but if is to much jOb for X reason, I can understand, I hope he want & have enough time to fix PM.

EDIT Update: I confirm that PM work fine for me, if someone else can refresh there status about this or reply if you find PM bug with another member. Only auto response give me blank...

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