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AWG   Posted 6th Jul 2011 9:43pm
L4Y Member
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This website name is like fake now because the name is a lie . There are no Levels 4 You to download like it was b4. After all these years (think its around 10 years) this website had Levels 4 You to download and now there are none to download !! This website should change their name to something else >something that is not a lie. No offense though >i had my levels that i worked on for days and nights here on this website to download and now they are gone !

** edit >>you should change your levels4you steam group profile also at this link: since you do not offer any more game file downloads as stated in your steam group profile.
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goober   Posted 7th Jul 2011 6:44am
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I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Duke    Posted 7th Jul 2011 10:54am
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I had noticed that. It's a little odd, but it does happen.

It is a documented event in local media.
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