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L4Y Closing Down
Posted Mar 21st, 07:31pm by Garner
Its been going 10 and a half years but sadly the time has come to say goodbye. In the coming weeks the site will close and all files hosted here will be no more...

If you are a site owner for a game we support and would like a nice big file of everything we host for that particular game, PM me with your website address and I'll send you a link in a few days to a tar.gz and database SQL dump of the files table so you can easily catalogue it on your own site. I'd like to think the files will still be hosted somewhere... once the site shuts I'll direct people visiting here to your sites so they can find where the files ended up. Consider it a parting gift from L4Y to other community sites!

I'll still be around and L4Y will remain mine. Planetary Command will probably remain online (address to be decided still) and I'm in the final stages of an Xbox 360 indie game - you'll hear more about that here soon...

For now, I wish you all (except a certain person in Mauritius who was legally bound to buying L4Y... but never paid up ) the best in everything you do and for the thank you all for the 3767 days we were online. 136 million page views and 4.5 million downloads are nice achievements and beyond everything expected when we launched in November 2000 with Decent 3 and Delta Force. Most of you here have probably never played either... !

Roger aka "Garner"
 Foe   Posted 30th Aug 2011 4:12am
The one and only!
L4Y Member
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Quoting Garner
No-one reads dates do they?

That would make too much sense, Roger. I mean who really reads anymore.

Hope everyone is well, and hello from an old timer.

Where's Richard?! And Frank?
NoClanFrank    Posted 30th Aug 2011 4:32am
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Frank still lingers around.
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Beatonator    Posted 30th Aug 2011 8:21am
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Quoting noclanfrank
Frank still lingers around.

Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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NoClanFrank    Posted 30th Aug 2011 1:53pm
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Quoting Beatonator

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RED_JUSTICE   Posted 22nd Oct 2011 9:42pm
L4Y Member
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Thank you. The community you created here played a memorable role in my life.
Garner    Posted 31st Oct 2011 2:33pm
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We shut off the files back in like May time? Site is still around... just minus the files.

For all those who want the files and keep pestering me... I ignore you all because I repeatedly stated I would not provide the files after the site was shut down. I will not upload them anywhere for you, put them up on BT or transfer them elsewhere. They're out there in the wild already via those that did download them off me when I put out the month long call for those wanting the files. That was over 6 months ago now!
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Smoke Screen   Posted 3rd Nov 2011 5:47pm
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Ok,im way to late,but to see another filehoster for fancontent
going offline is bad.
Meanwhile its all around a bad situation for amateur mappers
and moders to reach a wide audience cause to much sites and
filehoster have gone off.
A lot files for various classic games are meanwhile very hard
to come by or simply lost.
wellhungmonk   Posted 21st Jan 2012 9:49pm
L4Y Member
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I remember the days! Good fun on Red Faction, Sorry to see you go.
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Lace    Posted 23rd Jan 2012 4:26pm
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Hi Monk!
A name from back in the HooaaH days
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Beatonator    Posted 23rd Jan 2012 8:38pm
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Quoting wellhungmonk
I remember the days! Good fun on Red Faction, Sorry to see you go.

Blast from the Past

Man I remember the old days...

Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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kiddailey   Posted 23rd Mar 2012 3:39am
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Sad news. I haven't played Decent 3 or Delta Force, but I've been stopping by this site for almost as long as it has been running (and finally registering in 2005). Mostly downloading and lurking

I sent you a PM, Garner. I have my own mapping site (about to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a re-launch actually) and would be honored to host/mirror everything on our three dedicated mirrors.

Edit: Almost as sad is that this is my first post here after being registered so long :/

Edit: Crap - I just saw Garner's later post about not uploading the files anymore. Sorry to bug you and really bummed I didn't stop by sooner. Ah well. If anyone wants to send them my way for mirroring, please contact me. Or stop by and submit them. Will gladly mail off a hard drive instead of upload/downloading.

Edit: Found the torrent, but doesn't look like it's had seeders for a while. If someone seeds, I'll seed until I get them all added to our three mirrors.

Edit: Still no seeders. Ah well. Guess this stuff is gone for good.
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john mullins   Posted 9th May 2020 10:15am
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Still alive?
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