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goober   Posted 19th Mar 2011 1:59pm
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Hey guys, just thought I'd try pimping this awesome new application.

Evolve is a new social platform for gamers. I like to think of it as the perfect blend between XFire, Steam, XBox Live, PSN and Hamachi with some awesome new innovative features added in as well. It's still in closed beta and still has a relatively small community. You will be able to get your username in 99.99% of cases - hell in most cases you'll probably be able to get your real first name, my friends Cory and Ryan did.

The neatest feature Evolve has, I think is its VLAN capabilities. For anyone who doesn't know what this means - it means you can make a party in Evolve for a supported game, then launch right into the game and play with your party members in the game's LAN mode. This is very similar to Hamachi for anyone who's used it - except minus the headache Hamachi brings. It's very simple and works right "out of the box" with all supported games.

After you get in, my username is Goober (who could have guessed that? ) so feel free to add me and give me a shout!

Like I said, it's still in closed beta but if you would like a beta invite, shoot me a PM with your email address and I'd have no problem sending one your way.

I mean who could resist a website/client which has "Quit playing with yourself" as their motto?
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