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Lanshire   Posted 2nd Nov 2010 4:56pm
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Hey Guys.. My Desktop bit the dust last night..and i am looking to building my own again.. Now i used to do a bigger majority of my shopping on Newegg untill i discovered amazon.. Amazon just has proces that are a bit lower.. I am gonna have about $2500 that i will be able to build my next rig... So where do you guys shop at?
This is what i have got so far.. and i need to make sure everything is gonna work so far.. <->MB <->Main HD <->processor <->Ram..( I am fairly sure it will work with the board and processor, but not sure, would like 6 gigs though) <->case

I am looking for a SSD (80G for the new desktop strictly for my games..any help on that?

Am i missing anything?
Lanshire   Posted 2nd Nov 2010 9:54pm
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Post 168 / 189 is cheaper
Assman15    Posted 2nd Nov 2010 10:01pm
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Quoting Lanshire is cheaper

Newegg is more reliable and will likely have a wider selection of computer parts. Not to mention the customer service.
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DVL_IAC   Posted 3rd Nov 2010 2:27am
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You should look and see if newegg does price matching and just get them to price match to amazon prices. I would definitely trust newegg more then I would amazon for computer parts.

But I'm in Canada so I use NCIX to buy all my stuff. NCIX will price match to any other canadian site, so I find what I want on NCIX, then I use Price Canada to find the lowest advertised price for the parts, out of all the canadian computer part retailers. Then I start a price match session in my cart on NCIX and input all the lowest prices and url's to verify. Then I complete my order and everything is good to go. I've never had a price match rejected by them. NCIX does have a U.S site but there doesn't seem to be a prce match button where it is on the canadian site. So I think your best bet would be to see if you can do a similar type thing with newegg.
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Lanshire   Posted 3rd Nov 2010 4:56pm
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DVL_IAC.. You make a good point about Price Matching.. I never thought of that... I will try and see if i can find anything on that.

Assman.. You are 100% right about customer service and stuff..
I am actually in a bind here.. i am trying to find a motherboard that will fit my new processor that i want.. Because after looking at the Motherboard specs.. i realized that the processor is not compatible.

Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2 GHz 6x512 KB L2 Cache Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Processor - Retail HDT90ZFBGRBOX

Motherboard - ASUS Crosshair IV Formula - AM3 - AMD 890FX - DDR3 - Republic of Gamers - ATX Motherboard (Compatible Processors: Sempron, Phenom II X3, Phenom II X2, Athlon II, Phenom II X4) and i want a X6 one

SO i am trying to find a board that is compatible and is CENSORED kicking with that processor.. If yall find one, just link it in here. TY
Sephiroth_RIC   Posted 3rd Nov 2010 8:57pm
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Post 119 / 381 is cheep if your from UK
Lanshire   Posted 4th Nov 2010 12:02am
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yeah i am from the states..

I went ahead and put it for the one i wanted..

here it is

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