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Lanshire   Posted 1st Nov 2010 1:57pm
L4Y Member
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Hey Guys.. I have my Key to the game "Boiling Point", But i do not have the auctual Game setup anymore. DO you all know where i can re-download the game again?..Not "Boiling Point, Road to hell"... Just "Boiling Point"

Beatonator    Posted 2nd Nov 2010 8:18am
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Have you tried contacting Atari?

Official Download

You may find Atari can help you, such as give you that download for free, but you would have to prove you owned the original I guess and I doubt the CD Key is valid proof of purchase.

What happened to the disks? Digital Dist.?
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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Lanshire   Posted 2nd Nov 2010 4:46pm
L4Y Member
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I cant remember where in the heck i bought it from... I do know that i never owned the cd of the game..soi am figuring i bought the download from somewhere... I don't think it was d2d either..allthough thats where i buy alot of my games at.

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