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Lanshire   Posted 20th Aug 2010 2:51pm
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[8:48:37 AM] lanshire: I have a friends Laptop that i am working on, and i cant access the drive.( The HD need formatted) and it does not have a cd/dvd drive in it.. so i hooked up a USB cd drive and the computer wont recognize it at all.. not even in the bios.. any suggestions as to how to wipe this drive? Or is their a device that i can buy to put the Harddrive in to Simply Format it, since i cant access it threw the system.. (Keep getting BSOD at startup)

Beatonator    Posted 20th Aug 2010 5:00pm
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Get a caddy/cable we have one at work, a Cable, plugs in to the USB socket/SATA port, and plugs in to the HDD. Can then Format it through windows on an external machine.

Cant find the cable, but you can get a HDD caddy that the HDD sits in and the PC reads it as an external drive.
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