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naraku KOTB   Posted 10th Aug 2010 7:45am
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My computer will completely turn off when im in the middle of a game. wether it be red faction or modern warfare. And I don't know why. Is it my video card? I'm more then sure that my vid card can handle these 2 games, any ideas?
ENM   Posted 10th Aug 2010 8:28am
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sounds as if it may be Vid related, do you get any error message either on shutdown or reboot. Does it happen at any other time, could be power supply, need more info to get an accurate idea
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Beatonator    Posted 10th Aug 2010 9:00am
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Could even be CPU over heating?

when you say shutdown, do you mean reboot or shutdown completely?

Have you checked to see how hot your case is when this occurs? Does it happen 5 minutes in, 30minutes in? or straight away?

Maybe check your air vents and fans are still working and that there is not a huge build up of dust.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 10th Aug 2010 10:35am
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No, no error message. The computer just shuts off, and I have to turn it on again. And it does it with in 10 minutes or so into the game. Computer also starts back fine with no error message.
Assman15    Posted 10th Aug 2010 11:20am
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Definitely sounds like something is overheating. Open the side panel of your PC and turn it on to make sure all the fans are running. If you've got a broken fan that's an easy and cheap fix. If not, it could be more complicated.
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hA Warlord   Posted 10th Aug 2010 12:51pm
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It could also be a memory stick that is at fault, does the computer freeze from time to time as well?
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Assman15    Posted 10th Aug 2010 12:53pm
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If it were a problem with memory (aside from overheating) it would more likely crash and result in a blue screen.
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hA Warlord   Posted 10th Aug 2010 9:07pm
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I had a similar problem just a few weeks ago and the problem was in one of my new RAM modules.

I was almost sure it was the Graphics card that was at fault first but it turned out that it was the RAM.
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naraku KOTB   Posted 10th Aug 2010 10:15pm
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Hmm, could it be the fan on the video card? I'll check it out all the fans in a bit then.

And if it does happen to be the memory, why is it doing it? I Got 2 gigs of corsair ram sticks. Crap cleaner shows I'm running 2 gigs so how do I know if the memory is the culprit?
Assman15    Posted 10th Aug 2010 11:26pm
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If all your fans are working fine then try removing the RAM. Remove all but one stick, run your PC and launch a game. If every stick has the same result then you know it's not a RAM problem.
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sobe    Posted 12th Aug 2010 5:56pm
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If you have a vista disk laying around, run the memory test from that or win7 disk. That will help find errors in faulty memory modules.

For overheating, grab realtemp, everest, or any other app that would monitor and record temps , then consult after crash or monitor on secondary screen.

For cpu, download hwmonitor from It will monitor voltages, you need to be sure your 12v rail is putting out 12.00 or higher. Yes it can be ok if it is 11.56v, but considering its the backbone behind all your parts, I would not want it lower than 12 personally

Also may help if you listed the computer parts specifications (brand, model, etc)
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