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Spikey2005   Posted 15th Jul 2010 4:34pm
L4Y Member
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Hello guys,
Sorry to bring this upon you all again, but this is a final statement from me.

I am leaving the RF community. I think that RF now has been going on for some time and now, I feel that I have served my time here being with you all on L4Y and in Red Faction.

I have lost the imagination to continue mapping for the RF Community.
I will say that it has been a pleasure knowing you all and those who are still in contact with me, will not affect them. I am into newer and bigger games now, and even though RF has been around for 8 years or more, I have decided to pack in my mapping and un-install Red Faction.

In addition to this, I have 2 maps left that I have unfinished... So, what I have done is uploaded to Megauploads for anyone to download and to modify or do what they want to do with them.

The 2 maps are Town3 and RunChallenge3.
I am not doing this because I cannot be bothered to do them, I am doing this because there was a lot of people on here who were looking forward to these maps and I feel that I have let them down by now finishing them.

Here is the link to download them:

I hope you all have a wonderful life and wish you well for the future to come.

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KERPAL   Posted 17th Jul 2010 3:57pm
L4Y Member
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You have let us down Spikey. Don't leave...

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