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naraku KOTB   Posted 13th Jul 2010 8:22am
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i tried googling it but it didn't come up with much of an explanation. Anyone know what this is? I saw it in my task manager for the first time today.
ENM   Posted 13th Jul 2010 8:48am
L4Y Member
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looks like it might be a keylogger
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Assaultman67    Posted 13th Jul 2010 8:48am
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Kill it with fire!!!

(what happened when you killed it? Did it pop back up again?)

But it seems to be associated with some "game booster"

Do you have that installed

Not sure if its spyware or not ...
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naraku KOTB   Posted 13th Jul 2010 9:27am
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ah damn, ya i killed it but it didn't come back,

i got it from supposed to kill processes u dont need when your running a game.

im going to uninstall it, didnt seem to make a difference anyway.

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