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Assman15    Posted 9th Jul 2010 1:23pm
Post 2011 / 2085
The final class in TF2 has finally got his update. I want your guys' opinions on this thing, because it was a major change.

Quoting New Items

Frontier Justice: -50% clip size, accumulates Revenge Crits upon sentry destruction (2 per sentry kill).

Gunslinger: +25 max health, enables the ability to build Mini-Sentry, third punch in a series will crit, no random crits.

Mini-Sentry: builds four times faster than standard sentry, cannot be upgraded, cannot be repaired, costs 30 less metal to build, deploys at full health.

Wrangler: Enables the engineer to take direct control of his sentry, creates a shield around the sentry that absorbs 66% of incoming damage, doubled fire rate, sentry is disabled for three seconds after weapon switch.

The Southern Hospitality: +20% fire damage taken, no random crits, causes bleed damage.

Quoting Other Changes

Sandvich: Both primary and secondary fire are now on a cooldown timer.

Gunboats: Self-damage reduction reduced to 60% (was 75%).

Tribalman's Shiv: Bleed duration reduced to 6 seconds (was 8) and damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).

Engineer: Can now pick up and move his own buildings, maintaining all upgrades and costing no additional metal.

New Maps: Thunder Mountain (payload), Hightower (payload race), Upward (payload), ColdFront (capture point).

I like the majority of the update, nothing feels blatantly overpowered. The Sandvich nerf was a bit disappointing, though. I used that thing all the time and now it's next to useless.
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Assman15    Posted 10th Jul 2010 12:43am
Post 2012 / 2085
I think the thing about the Wrangler was that they didn't want to leave the Engineer vulnerable. If you were looking through the view of the turret you'd have no idea what's behind you. It'd be way too easy for a spy to back stab you and destroy your base during the turret's downtime.
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Assman15    Posted 10th Jul 2010 12:46am
Post 2013 / 2085
Well, from what I could tell there's no range limit. So you could use yourself to bait an enemy around corners and then blast them away when they try to chase you.
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Assaultman67    Posted 10th Jul 2010 7:22am
Post 4346 / 4376
When i first played after the engineer update, It felt like a different game ...

I remember coming out of the gates on an unfamiliar payload map and there were 4 sentries with weird shields and lasers pointing at people and executing them far out of the normal sentry distance.

And then I realized, this could be the TF2 apocalypse ... everyone seemed to be playing an insanely suffocating defense, and the movable sentry system just made the front lines of combat extremely defined ...

enemy sentries sat within mere feet of each other around corners, 3 or 4 sentries all within one small area

But then I realized that the demo resolves those issues quite quickly
Assman15    Posted 10th Jul 2010 1:47pm
Post 2014 / 2085
For a few weeks I expect servers to be full of engineers, demomen, and spies.
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