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L4Y: For Sale
Posted Jun 28th, 01:02pm by Garner
Modified Jun 28th, 01:03pm by Garner
Anyone that knows me, knows this has been on the cards for around 3 years.

Anyone that doesn't know me, "hi"

I'm Roger (aka Garner), the guy that owns/runs the Levels-4-You website. This place was setup as a level/mod hosting site for various PC games - I think its done pretty well for what started out as a hobby.

Over the last nine and a half years we've served up 125 million pages and 4.5 million downloads. There's 152 thousand of you registered and a mere handful of dedicated volunteer staff members.

The site was my life for its first 5 years, however then I got a job doing the same thing from 9-5, 5 days a week and my spare time and enthusiasm for L4Y naturally went out the window. These days I barely even remember you guys are here...

To this end, L4Y has been for sale for the past 3-4 months. Staff members were told back then and I know it leaked out to some of you as I got a couple of PM's. Now however its going public as I want everyone to know the site may not be online for much longer. Quite simply I have a life that needs my time (and to a lesser extent my money lol) instead of a website I no longer have any interest in.

I'm ignoring the joker that offered US$ 60 for the site

Should the site not sell, all the files will be zipped up and made available to any other site owner that would wish to take over all the files. I'd rather the community is kept together however as you all love each other so much

- Roger
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