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Lanshire   Posted 4th Jun 2010 1:29am
L4Y Member
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Hey Guys..

I have never once ran into this problem, so i am unsure as to what to do. (Well auctually it happened one other time about a week ago).. But anyway.. I downloaded the demo to USAF to try it out, and when i go to double click on it to install it.. FRAPS comes up and wants to install instead.( I already have fraps installed.)

SO i cant get the game to install..

Any thoughts?
RED-FROG   Posted 4th Jun 2010 4:36am
L4Y Resident
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The flight simulator USAF has nothing to do with Fraps.
Absolutely nothing. And it's absolutely not possible that Fraps loads when you click on Install.
Make sure what you are clicking is right.

Or maybe you think your pirate (if it's one) is USAF but instead it's just fraps. So called a hoax, lol
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Lanshire   Posted 4th Jun 2010 7:45pm
L4Y Member
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Frog, Do i need to make a video to show you that i am telling you the truth..I AM..LOL
RED-FROG   Posted 4th Jun 2010 8:58pm
L4Y Resident
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So is it a pirate?

Dude do you think if you put in the Red Faction CD it will try to install FRAPS?
That's complete garbage. Thats two different things.
Do you think that it would suddenly want to install Windows7, too? Or How about Modern Warfare3?
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Assman15    Posted 4th Jun 2010 10:21pm
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On rare occasions programs can interfere with each other like this. For example, XFire will sometimes prompt games for disks, whether or not they need them. My suggestion would be to make sure nothing, like Fraps, is running in the background.
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Lanshire   Posted 5th Jun 2010 2:14pm
L4Y Member
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Frog, It cant be a pirated version ( if thats what u meean), Since it is a demo..

and One other question.. This has nothing to do with my current problem, But i have a folder full of family pictures. I remember in XP when i opened the folder up "preview" would be on the right hand side.. Well i have Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate editon now, and when i open the folder , I have to double click it to see the pic.. How do i turn on Preview, so i can delete the ones i want without having to open it first?

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