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Lanshire   Posted 20th May 2010 9:35pm
L4Y Member
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Hey guys...

I am running Win7 32 bit.. I bought the game Devastation to install and play.. and i tried the first time in 95/98 Compatibility mode, and when i hit the setup.exe all my mouse does is think.. and so i opened up the task manager and it was making like setup.exe after another.. there was like 25 of those setup.exe's in the task manager before i decided to restart..

Anyone got a reason on why it wont install?
Beatonator    Posted 22nd May 2010 12:28pm
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Windows 7... Seems it has issues running older games?
Trying to find old players. Anyone about? Drop me a PM or reply to this thread:
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RED-FROG   Posted 22nd May 2010 1:49pm
L4Y Resident
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Not at all....
Devastation is a game from 2003. Try XP mode, I don't know why somebody would try the 95 or 98 mode when the game is beyond WindowsXP times.

Is it a legal version of the game?
And furthermore you don't have to restart, just log off and on again.
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Lanshire   Posted 22nd May 2010 2:33pm
L4Y Member
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Beatonator and Red Frog..

Actually , I tried installing it without xp mode ( Just regular) and it worked fine.. I guess i just assumed that it would have to be under xp mode since it was a slightly older game. But all works now.


p.s Yes frog it is a legal copy. Bought it off Amazon for like $3.00

I also bought Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear as well.. Rainbow 6 installed and plays beautifuly , and rogue spear should be here today, I am gonna order the expansion pack..( Eagle watch) later today.. It's Like $4.00.. I use to play both games many years ago.
NoClanFrank    Posted 24th May 2010 3:19am
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I had fun playing it a while back when it first came out. Hope you enjoy it as well.
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Lanshire   Posted 24th May 2010 8:14pm
L4Y Member
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LOL.. Well all is working now..

I even got Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear working fine.. ahhh The good ole days.

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