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vibes   Posted 30th Apr 2010 11:22pm
L4Y Member
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I had a copy of this game years ago but never got round to actually playing the game worth downloading for the SP or does it play very dated?    
Assman15    Posted 1st May 2010 12:07am
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Bah, I posted in this thread and then completely forgot about it until now... Apparently it runs fine on XP, but I'll install it on my netbook right now just to be sure.

Edit: Doesn't work on my netbook. Not the same problem as my Windows 7 machine, though, so I assume it runs fine on XP.
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Lanshire   Posted 1st May 2010 4:26pm
L4Y Member
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Assman.. It does run fine on my Laptop..Little slow..But not bad.. I also made another thread.. in which case i was looking for a FLight simulation (Dogfighting) game like top gun.. and i found one after many demos..LOL.. I bought Tom Clancy's HAWX... i played the demo to it , and it was awesome.. SO i bought it from direct2drive.. ($9.95).. now i only got 11 more hours till download is done...LOL..DANG slow dsl!

Vibes, It is worth playing!
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