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Lanshire   Posted 21st Jan 2010 8:53pm
L4Y Member
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Hi Guys, i am working on a computer that has a pc-chips (Micr atx) board in it..and this is my problem... When i first got the machine. (It had XP on it) i tried to start it up, and it would get to the loading screen for about 3-4 seconds.. and then the Monitor would go to sleep, and i couldnt see anything, then i restarted it like 3 or 4 times and it did the same thing.. Well I put a AGP video card in it and changed it in the bios and it still does the same thing...SO i decided to put 2000 pro on it.. it went thru the installing screen fine ( after the format of course) then it rebooted as normal and when it rebooted the screen did the same thing, It just didnt show anything again.. its like the monitor went to sleep after each time you restart the computer...

Any suggestions?

p.s It does the same thing with the onboard Video as well. ( that's turned off though, and is on AGP mode.)

Never mind..I got it fixed..2 of the resisters were blown, so i replaced the board and Processor and it works beautifully now.
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